Traditionally in East Asian cultures and especially in China, a baby’s 100th day is a time of celebration!

It was originally celebrated because of the high mortality rate among mother and new born babies. The families during that time thought making it to the 100th day was a huge milestone.

Today, while the mortality rate is not near as high, families will still gather at a restaurant or eating place on the 100th or 101st day of a baby’s life and celebrate with a huge dinner and gifts much like our “first birthday” parties in the States. The wealthier the family, the bigger the party… which means more people… and those people bring more gifts (usually a red envelope filled with money for the child.) They will have professional photos taken of the baby, and will start to allow their child to be outside for longer periods of time on this day as well. It is a big day for baby!!

Yesterday was our peanut’s 100th day, and having lost a child, I am super excited to have her around to celebrate it! I had originally wanted to put together a big celebration just as the Chinese do, but with our recent visitors was unable to plan anything, so it looks like our family will be celebrating this evening….just the 4 of us!

I might have a little get together with our friends this weekend as well…we’ll just have to see…


Happy 100 Days to my Xiǎo An! Mommy loves you!

On her 100th day



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