So every year (or at least the last two 😉 ) I write a post about the beginning of the warm weather season here in our city. I write about it mostly due to the fact that the winter is so long that it’s just too awesome not to write about!!

Last spring was really hard for me. In fact, it was the hardest season of our first year. I was used to warm springs, and well even after a long winter, the warm weather took it’s time getting to us.

But this year has been amazing in comparison. I think it has to do with several things.

One, the weather has been warmer. It’s been crazy warm here since mid-April this year! I mean the temperatures have been warmer than June of last year!! LOVING it!

Two, I’ve grown accostumed to the cold weather and no longer try to go outside without under armor until temperatures register over 65 degrees haha…you think I’m joking….but really, I’m not. The temperatures reached 80 degrees before we finally brought out the t-shirts 🙂

The thing is, I don’t think living in a cold climate for a long time means that you’ll ever NOT think it’s cold when it’s -20 degrees outside, but I do think the longer you live in a cold climate, the more you don’t mind wearing long sleeve shirts and layers.

My first year all I could think about was getting out my t-shirts and flip flops.

This year…

I could care less about the flip flops…and actually my long sleeves are pretty comfortable. Plus, Chinese people don’t brake out their light clothing until well into the warm weather season, so why should I? hehe

Last month, we had a group from South Carolina visit, and the change became quite apparent.

The weather was beautiful! We did many things outside, and we were able to take them to a lot of the tourist attractions here in the city. One thing I noticed, though, was when we went out, I was wearing a turtle neck and tights, and they were wearing t-shirts and flip flops!

How could we be wearing such different items of clothing? I wasn’t hot. They weren’t cold. Was it really warm enough to wear those things?

This is adapting at it’s finest people. And I’m learning how to live in this crazy arctic climate 🙂

So, as of this month, we are enjoying all this Spring has to offer: beautiful blossoming trees, rain showers (which were few last year,) and 80 degree weather! Ahh….the Lord is so good to me.

First T-shirt Day! May 3rd

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