Catching up on our months…


An An: 2 months- 3 months

Timeline and Milestones:

April 7, 2012- 9 weeks old : Sweet baby girl said goodbye to her Mimi and Papaw as they left our city here in China to return back to their home in the States.

April 18, 2012- 10.5 weeks old: She was able to meet her grandma and grandpa for the first time, and of course she fell in love with them right away!

April 22, 2012- 11 weeks old: We took our first overnight train to Beijing. Back to where our little bit was born!

April 23, 2012- 11 weeks old: We took baby, my oldest, and grandma and grandpa to see Tiananmen Square, a historic place in China, and an acrobatic show for the first time. The day was extremely busy, but she did great and even grandma took a turn carrying her in the sling.

April 24, 2012- 11 weeks old: First trip to see the Great Wall! She did so well visiting the different sites of Beijing. I was so impressed with how little she cried. She absolutely loved being carried in her sling around town all day!

April 25, 2012- 11.5 weeks old: She had to say goodbye to her grandma and grandpa so they could return back to the States.

April 29, 2012- 12 weeks old: She cracked up! Yes, that’s right, our little girl cracked up at her big sister who was playing with her at the time. Did it melt hearts? Of. course.

May 4th: We spent her 3 month birthday preparing for friends to visit us the next day.

What we learned:

This month was extremely busy especially for us girls. We were so blessed to have the grandparents on both sides visit us, our home, and our babies. It was truly a special special time, and I am so grateful that the Lord gave us this opportunity. We loved getting to share this absolute amazing miracle of a baby with those we love so dearly.

By the time grandma and grandpa arrived, her colic was almost completely gone. We only had 1 bad day during their entire trip, and the idea that it might be gone was super exciting!

She absolutely loved her grandma and even let her carry her around in the sling while shopping in Beijing.

She is a jet setter! In our little girl’s short life time, she has traveled quite a bit in China, and this month was a big one. In just one month, she rode in a car, on a boat across the river, on a train, and in a plane. Wow, what an amazing life the Lord has let this little one lead so far.

She’s still our chunky monkey! By this month, she was nursing every 3 hours, and when offered a pumped bottle, she drank over 5.5 oz. Wow!!

 Chinese people love to ask if she drinks formula or mother’s milk. They think if you nurse your baby, you are a very strong woman and even stronger if your mother doesn’t live with you to help take care of baby! Talking to people about the baby has added many new words to my vocabulary…such as breast milk, formula, and pacifier :)

She loves her big sister. She loves to look for her and follow her with her eyes, and this month she even started to show off little laughs to get big sister to play with her even more.

So far mommy and big sister have lucked out and got her to laugh a few times, but it’s not too easy :)


 She is my bundle of fun. Loving every minute.


Sweet little 2 month old

Meeting grandma and grandpa

Visit to the Ming Tombs

Dress Me Up!

3 Months and So Big!

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