This month was so much fun with our monkey! She has proven to be a busy little bee, always moving and trying to accomplish something new.

Táng An: 3 months- 4 months old

Timeline and Milestones:

May 5, 2012- May 12,2012- 13-14 weeks old: A supporting church group arrived in our city for a visit, and our little one received lots of new attention. We took them to various places around the city and spent lots of time outside in the warm weather.

May 13, 2012- 14 weeks old: An An’s first Mother’s Day. She, along with her big sister, gave mommy a big basket of beautiful flowers!

May 14, 2012- 14 weeks old: Our little monkey celebrated her 100th day. Traditionally, chinese families make a big deal about their child’s 100th day. They celebrate with a huge party to show off the child to their family (they don’t leave the house with them until this day.) This day oftentimes is bigger than a baby’s first birthday.

May 15, 2012- 14.5 weeks old: She reached out and grabbed her toy for the first time! Mommy was so excited for her!

May 20, 2012- 15 weeks old: Little bit had her first taste of oatmeal cereal. She gobbled it up faster than I could put it in her mouth. It ended up being a one time thing though, because mommy and daddy had a hard time getting her to eat it after that day :)

May 20, 2012- 15 weeks old: On the same day, she rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time!

May 27, 2012- 16 weeks old: She learned about her big brother on his 2nd birthday.

May 28, 2012- 16 weeks old: She got some one on one with daddy for the first time while mommy spent a day out. She and daddy really bonded…Mommy loved all the smiles she returned home to.

June 4, 2012-17 weeks old: Baby girl celebrated 4 months out with her family that loves her so much!

Her measurements this month: 12 pounds 6 ounces, 25.9 inches.

What we learned:

This month was another busy one around our house. We had visitors and special Sundays at church, so things were a little harder to keep up with.

We had a lot of cranky days with our baby girl this month due to the early stages of teething, but no matter how cranky she is, her little face makes my heart melt every time!

Thanks to teething, little one found her hands. Those hands have been hard to get out of her mouth ever since!

We’ve learned our monkey can take a lot of work since she is always wanting to move, move, move, but we love her for it!

She hates when you sit down with her (I blame this partially on all the sling wearing we’ve done lol.)

She loves to be held while standing or walking around and is not a fan of riding in the stroller.

She is an observer, never missing anything that’s happening around her.

Our little girl’s appetite is still increasing with each month! Even though she started nursing much faster (10 minutes every 3 hours,) her pumped bottles measured 6.5- 7oz. every 3 three hours! I still can’t believe how much this little one can eat :)

She is not only a busy bee, but also a talker. She “ahhh(s)” all day long especially when someone is talking. It’s almost like she wants to join the conversation!

If you know her mommy and big sister, you probably know that they are big talkers. Looks like she plans on following in their footsteps ;)

We are so in love with her, all three of us. I know I pretty much say this every month, but I promise every month my heart fills with more and more love for this little girl.

She is a jewel.

3 months old

Love this sweet face

On her 101st day (the day the family hosts a dinner)

Such a momma’s girl

Cereal time!

So happy to be 4 months old! Mommy wants this growing thing to stop!



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