Our lives have been crazy since our littlest was born! I truly believe this has been one of the craziest years of my life…just so much going on! But our baby has done a great job at adjusting to all the changes that have came her way. So proud that she’s ours :)

An An: 4 months – 5 months old

Timeline and Milestones:

This month was so much fun, but there were very few things to list as far as things that happened. And I’m not really upset about that…I really enjoyed just having a normal month with my baby and reaching milestones only means she’s getting older anyways ;)

June 7, 2012- 17.5 weeks old: Little An met her sweet friend Evie for the first time! Evie’s family arrived in our city to start a 5 month internship here in China. Our family was super excited to have another little princess around to play with!

June 15, 2012- 18.5 weeks old: Baby had to go to the children’s hospital in our city for the first time with a minor ear infection. I am thankful that the Lord has kept our little girl healthy throughout her first months! I was so nervous when we brought her home at 4 weeks; her pediatrician would be so far away if anything serious happened or if she came down with anything really bad. But, praise the Lord, she has been in great health! Our trip to the children’s hospital in the city was so nerve wracking for me. I cried as I passed the babies with ivs in their heads (yes…they put them in their heads here;) I was so scared that they would say she too needed fluids or something! I prayed that the Lord would allow the infection to be minor, and he answered that prayer. I was so relieved, but my heart hurt for all the mommies and daddies who’s babies had to stay there.

July 1, 2012- 21 weeks old: We boarded a train to visit another major city here in North East China with our little in tow. Our girl is quite the traveler! In just 5 months, she has travelled to 3 major world cities! Wow!

July 3, 2012- 21 weeks old: We took little bit to see the ocean for the first time!

July 4, 2012- 21.5 weeks old: Our little girl celebrated her first Independence Day exploring a new city with her family, favorite Chinese uncle, and babysitter Dong Dong on her 5 month birthday!

What we learned:

This month our baby’s personality really started to shine through! She is such a jewel, and her smile just gets better as the months go by!

Our girl is so playful! One of her favorite things is for mommy to kiss her hands while she’s holding her or nursing. She will often lift her arms and put her hands on my face rubbing my face until I kiss them. She will usually leave her chubby little hands covering my mouth until I kiss them a hundred times or more! Another thing she loves is for Daddy to grab and shake her hands!! She thinks it’s so funny. Whenever she sees him, she will stick her arms out for him to grab her hands. It’s so cute. She also loves when her big sister makes silly noises or faces. She will giggle and smile at her which of course to her parents is insanely precious.We are cherishing these moments with her and are so thankful for them. These memories are so precious.

Little girl loves to play with her feet! She is so funny! She loves to stick her feet straight up in the air when she’s playing on her back, and while sitting in the stroller she is known to eat her feet which cracks me up every.single.time.I.see.it.

She’s a crazy sleeper. This girl is all over the place when she sleeps. She always has to start out swaddled, but throughout nap time and bed time she will roll to her belly and even started sleeping on her side some this month! I thought it was really cute :)

She’s still our little eater! She nursed for about 15 minutes on each side this month drinking about 8- 8.5 ounces every 3.5-4 hours. We tried to get her to eat some solids. She tried pears which she hated after one bite, pumpkin which she found tolerable but would only eat about 1/2 tablespoon, and then blueberries which she sort of liked. In general, she wasn’t into the solids too much. I let it go after trying 4 or 5 times.

She loves other kids. This month I babysat a little princess named Evie 2 or 3 days a week so her mommy could have a little extra time to do language school and meet people. She is 17 months old and a crazy mix of sweet and feisty! We had so much fun with her and my littles both loved having her around to play. There were a couple of times that I would catch Evie trying to give An her pacifier or pat her on the head, and it wouldn’t even phase little girl! She loved having her around!

Our little girl loves to babble! She makes little noises that sound like ayyyee, and hayy, and ahh, laaa…I love to hear her little noises.

She is growing normally! I didn’t get her measurements this month, but she is now wearing 6 month clothing, so something tells me she is growing normally, praise the Lord!

Another great month with my monkey!


4 months

My little pumpkin eater!

They love each other

Napping on the ocean

So happy to be 5 months old!

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