It has been over a week since I wrote my last post, and things have been hectic to say the least!

Tuesday, we were back to language school after quite a long break due to the holidays and a recent (household) battle with the flu. It was rough getting back into the swing of class, but not near as rough as I thought it would be! By Thursday, however, I started to feel quite discouraged about my progress. The process of learning Chinese has been really slow, slower than I ever dreamed it would be! Just recently, I started to feel like nothing was sticking. But I mean, it’s been several months, and often I have a hard time replying to a yes or no question.

I know what you are thinking…that’s just ridiculous, right? But then there’s not really just a simple “yes” or “no” answer…The way you answer is based on how the question is asked. Confused? ok. good. case in point.

(By the way, we have made way more progress than I’m giving credit for here :) )

Anyways, I was only a couple of days back into study when discouragement set in, and well, I just hated the thought of going to class.

Gasp…I can see many of you unsubscribing right now! Please read on! haha

Yes, I was starting to feel this way, and to top it all off my nanny decided to take a hiatus due to menopause, so I was left caring for my little girl while doing this language school thing.

But, then out of no where (like He always does) the Lord gave me something to really smile about.

Thursday evening, after a frustrating trip to the super market, I decided that I no longer wanted to make that second trip out to the vegetable market as I had planned. The cold was too much, and I was tired! But, something in me told me, just go already. So, I put my boots back on and headed down to the market.

The market was busy as usual, and my plan was to get the things I needed and get out speaking as little chinese as possible.

What a bad attitude!I know right?!

This had me heading straight for the onions, carrots, tomatoes and….Where are the potatoes?

Good grief! Haven’t these store owners figured out that I always need potatoes!

That’s when I heard a voice behind me say “tu dou?”

I stop, think, and then exclaim, “Dui! (correct!)”

Turns out they had moved the potatoes to a different location in the store.

Sigh. Well, at least they knew me enough to know I’d be looking for them.

So, I found my potatoes. Now, was there anything else I needed?


While I was thinking about whether or not I needed celery, chinese cabbage or ginger, I heard a voice again. This time it was saying (in chinese) “What country is she from?”

My plan suddenly changed to check out as fast as possible to avoid talking to this person who is inquiring from one of the workers as to where I am from.

But No. She approached, and I found myself instantly saying (in chinese thankyouverymuch,) “America, I’m from America.”

Turns out she was an English major, so she proceeds to follow me around the EXTREMELY small store asking me various questions to practice her English. Being the good student I am (you can laugh here thanks :) ,) I refused to speak to her in English and tried to answer her in what we like to call brokenchineseglish. This sort of frustrated her, but she kept on! Remembering that my new diet plan allows me to eat as much fruit as I want, I made my way over to the fruit section picking out various fruits all while the lady continued to talk.  Right about the time we made it to the center of the market, right in the middle of everyone and everything that was going on, one of the owners tells the lady to ask me why exactly my husband and I are learning Chinese. The owner was extremely curious (mainly due to the fact they are on my husband’s route of listeners; he practices with them all the time.) Kind of taken back by her question, I paused for a moment…and then found myself saying what would give some missionaries in our city a heart attack:

“We want to teach the Bible to Chinese people in Chinese.”   And just so you know I didn’t say this in Chinese

Everyone in the room seemed to be waiting on this lady to translate, but to my surprise she didn’t know what the word “Bible” meant.

So, she asked “What is Bible?”

I replied with a sad, “the book Christians use?” Somehow I had totally forgotten how to say Bible in Chinese.

I mean really??!? Of all things to forget!

“It’s a religious book?”

“yes”…ugh this is killing me! Remember already!

“Oh, I know!” *proceeds to translate that we are here to teach the Bible*

Oh good! Thank you Lord!

As soon as she finishes the translation, I am instantly surrounded by women asking more about me, which leads the lady to ask where my church is….

of all times to forget the address! Really? Worst day ever!

Before I could answer (that I wasn’t sure of the address,) word had traveled through the entire store, and out of no where a lady ran over and yelled loudly in my face “HALLELUJAH!!”

Now before you get all excited, it was loud in the store, and she could have been yelling just to make sure I heard. Also, there is a government church called Hallelujah church (I believe,) so she could have been trying to tell me where she goes to church. I honestly have no idea! But for now, I’m allowing myself to think it could have been because she was excited that we moved our family to China, so that we could, in the future, teach the Bible in Chinese! haha

At the time all of this happened, I would like to tell you some marvelous conversation came about, but as soon as the lady yelled in my face, I busted out laughing! Probably harder than I have in a long time. Not only me, but the other 15 women surrounding me started cracking up as well. Instantly, all my frustrations seemed so ridiculous, and that discouragement flew out the window (for the time being!!) We stood in that small store laughing and smiling at each other for what seemed like forever. I then, paid for my things, and made my way out the door feeling like I could take on the world once again.

Before I could get very far, the first lady (still so full of questions) asked if it might be alright if she accompanied me on my walk home.

I replied with a simple, “if we speak in Chinese”

So, I had a friend on that walk home. We practiced more of my brokenchinesegrish, and she taught me as many new Chinese words as she could fit in the short time frame.

I walked into my house refreshed. All thanks to my Jesus who knows exactly what I need and when I need it.

What’s left to say but Hallelujah?

ps: Did I fail to mention I’m finishing this post at exactly 3 am again? It’s a great hour :)

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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