As you can see from the title…

With a fresh start…comes a fresh blog.

I’ve came so far since my first post, but I didn’t want to just start completely over with a new blog from scratch. There are definitely a few articles here that I want to hold onto.

So, this is what brought about the change in appearance and what will change the content as well.

Because it’s not just me that’s changed.

Our entire family has grown through what we’ve experienced over the last few years, and just recently we’ve been been working hard to make changes in our home so that we can serve Christ better with our lives. We’ve changed the way we want to live…the way we eat. We’ve started homeschooling and doing ministry in our new city through Bible studies and english corners.

Things are exciting, and I feel like I have a million new topics that I want to cover here while still writing about where we are in our journey of “grief.”

So, take notice of the tabs at the top of the blog. I know that so many of my followers read for different reasons, whether it be to follow infant loss, grieving, missions etc…and these tabs allow you to find articles written on the subject that interests you.

I’m so excited to share this new season of life with you.

And if you’re new please check out the About page for more info about me!

Thanks for reading this…from the start.


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