I’ve mentioned several times now that our family now resides in a new city in the Northeast part of China, but I’ve never written about the move itself. So here’s a little bit about it!

When our family left for China over 2 years ago, our plan was to move to the city where our teammates had been working for several years and spend two years learning the language and attend/help in their church there. After two years of study, we planned to take a short furlough and then move to either a different part of the same city or move to another city in China to start a church.

When we returned from the capital with our new baby girl this year, we realized the end of our two years was coming quickly, and my husband was faced with a terribly difficult decision.

Should we stay in the same city as our co-workers? Or move to another city?

He spent a few weeks praying for God’s direction, surveying a new area, and going over the pros and cons of each choice. Both of our options (cities) were in need…the city we were living in was certainly in need of more church planters, but the new city was also in need; as far as we could tell there was no “light” there.

So after much thought and prayer, my husband felt God would have us work in the new city after completing language school.

I will admit…it was a little hard for both of us to accept at first. We were so comfortable where we were. We had friends and a new “family.” We had made so many discoveries, and it truly was our “home.”

But as time went on and the decision was final, the Lord confirmed in our hearts that this was the right decision.

So at the end of July, our family packed all our things in a moving truck and headed towards our new city.

We were completely alone for the first time since moving to China!

No one to ask where to go…

No one to help set up…

But this time…

We had experience and we could speak!!

We had plenty of practice setting up our previous house (where we learned so many things the hard way lol,) helping find apartments for church locations, decorating those locations, knocking down random walls, and finding workers to do random jobs.

We were ready ;)… haha!

And even though we found ourselves frustrated at times…with the Lord’s help, we did it! We were able to get our house set up, get Mark registered for University classes, and get acquainted with our part of the city.

We definitely miss our China family in our previous city, but we know that we’re only an overnight train ride away!!

And we are so excited that the Lord has given us this opportunity to be a “light” in this new city in Northeast China.


Love these beautiful wooden sidewalks in our new city!

A lady’s stand along the beach




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