After a 4 month mini furlough to visit family, friends, our home church, and supporting churches in the States, our family is now back home in our new city located in North East China!

We are so excited to be back and entering this new season of our life and ministry…Church planting!!!

It seems surreal at times. We have been preparing for this time for so long (studying and training at our home church, learning the language and culture,) and now it’s here. It’s go time.

With that in mind, we really hit the ground running as soon as our feet stepped off the plane!

It has been a little crazy!

For the last month we’ve been fighting jet lag, stomach bugs, sickness, broken toes and more, all while trying to get our house set back and up and our church started. But I am happy to say that with the Lord’s help (BIG TIME) I have been able to complete almost everything on the house’s “to do” list, and my husband has been able to focus on what needs to be done at the church. So, we’ve been able to get a lot accomplished!

With most everything done, we should be able to get back to our crazy version of “normal” this month, and that’s good because we have a lot planned! Exciting things planned!

We are praying for God to do a work….for Him to send people our way

…to hear the gospel.

So much has happened already that I want to share. I seriously feel like I could bust (which is why this post is all over the place I’m afraid. :) )

Words can not express how excited I am to see how the Lord is going to work here in our city!

We are so unworthy to be a part!

I hope you will help us pray. Pray for this church plant. Pray that people will come to hear truth. Pray that they will not only hear but also receive it!

Friends, will you pray?!

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