I mentioned earlier that we had some exciting things planned here.

This past week we started working on some of those “things” :)

Last Sunday night, a group of 50 people came down from three churches in our previous city on a short  3 day “missions trip.”

When the idea was originally brought up a few months ago, we thought maybe 10 or so would come down, so we hadn’t prepped too much thinking that it would be an easy group to handle. But as the days drew closer, we learned more and more people were signing up. What a blessing!! My husband spent quite a while trying to figure out what a group that size could do to help get the word out here in China. I mean, most missionaries would be nervous to host such a group!! But he didn’t miss a beat, and after a lot of thought and discussion with the Chinese pastors, he came up with (what I thought to be) an awesome plan.

The group was able to stay in a hotel near the church on a very busy street close to street markets with many food vendors and fruit stands. It was great because they didn’t need to take any transportation to get to the church area, and we didn’t have to worry about finding restaurants big enough to hold us all with so many options right on the street!

Every day, they spent time in services (we even had a baptism at the sea), doing evangelistic work, and of course having a little fun as well…hehe.

Their outreach included anything from singing hymns and Christian songs on the street, to passing out flyers, meeting with people, handing out Bibles or conducting surveys. They worked hard doing things that most people say is impossible to do here!! And they were excited about it!

Seriously, this group amazed me. They already had a special place in my heart from our time with them in the far North, but somehow after this outreach my love for them grew even more. Just to see their love for Jesus….the excitement they had to see a new church planted here in this city and their people reached!  It encouraged me. It excited me!

I didn’t get to participate in a whole lot during their time here due to my broken toe (it is still keeping me from walking a lot,) but every minute that I spent with them was an encouragement. And by the time they left, my heart was full!

It was really such a wonderful experience seeing our old friends again, sharing this time of outreach with them, seeing their excitement about the Lord’s work, and growing together during their time here!

We have already seen the Lord bring people into the church as a result of their efforts. Our first service after the group left included 11 first time visitors! Praise the Lord! My husband also has A LOT of information to follow up on that was collected during the trip.

We are thankful that the Lord worked it out so that they could be a part (and a HUGE help) in getting the word out about the start of our first church plant.

Tell me this isn’t exciting??

Open service at a popular park in the city


Singing on the mountain

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