Well, it’s technically been spring since April. That’s when the temperatures started warming and the snow started melting away. But, for me, Spring isn’t here until it’s warm, the sun is shining, and the trees are blooming.

And in Northeast China, that’s right around the first week of May!

I had initially hoped it would come a little earlier in our new city, but it looks like it comes right around the same time….and I’ve decided I’m okay with that :)

I think every foreigner in the North, gets antsy waiting for spring to arrive after the long winter…we’re all ready to ditch the coats and boots, and people posting pictures of their flip flops via social media makes one all the more anxious for winter to end.

But having to wait makes it that much more enjoyable when it finally comes! I love walking along the streets when the trees are finally blossoming (Our city has some of  the most gorgeous trees in the spring…full of flowers!!) I celebrate the first day I can leave the coats and jackets in the closet, and it’s so fun when the girls and I can go on walks or out to play with the neighbors. It’s exciting. It something we look forward to.

And it’s always post worthy to me.


Here’s my post…

Saying spring has sprung!

Our little family is loving it, and enjoying all it has to offer !

My sweet girls enjoying the first warm afternoon at the zoo.

My sweet girls enjoying a warm afternoon at the zoo’s playground.



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