June 1st is a huge holiday here in China. It’s Children’s day!!

I think it’s awesome because every year after a few sad days around Wesley’s birthday…the streets suddenly become flooded with children, balloons, and all kinds of different treats. It just forces me to smile hehe!

When we first moved to China though, I thought it was strange to give children their own celebration day.

We’ve always celebrated Mother’s day and Father’s day, but what do our children do to deserve yet another day where they are spoiled rotten? haha!

So this year, I asked my friend, “Why is Children’s Day so special?”

She told me, “Because children are the country’s future!”

Oh. Okay. Who can argue with that? :)


Since our oldest is now attending preschool, we were finally invited to do some fun Children’s Day activities with other people this holiday!

So on Friday, we went to her school to take part in their special day.

All the classes put on a little performance for the parents and then we, the parents, competed with our children in a few games within their classes.

It was so much fun! The performances were pretty hilarious!!! And the competitions? Entirely too much fun. We really enjoyed just goofing off with our oldest and having some one-on-one time with her.

After school, we decided to take both of the girls out for a fun evening. We are totally not into the materialistic side of the holiday where you make your children “king for a day” and buy them whatever they want, but I am ALWAYS for spending “intentional” “quality” time with my babies. So we had a fun dinner with them, and then let them play a few games at a “little kids” arcade.

*Rant*  You want to know my favorite part about this arcade for the littles? NO TICKETS! Yes…it’s true…at this arcade, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just so your children can collect enough tickets to get the stuff animal that, in all reality, would only cost five dollars at the local superstore. The games are for fun! Hooray!

And the kids…even without the tickets… had a great time!

On Saturday, things got pretty crazy around our part of town.

Children’s Day + Saturday = Madness! I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire city was out. This is the bad part about living so close to all the fun things to do in a city. Everyone comes to where you are!! There was no way to take taxis, or buses, or the light rail because they were all packed with people out celebrating. Balloons…Street vendors selling toys, kid clothes, kids shoes, drinks, sweets, ice cream…EVERYWHERE!!

By mid-afternoon, I saw kids passed out on buses, park benches, sidewalks, or  just on their parents laps from eating and playing so hard. They really live it up! And I couldn’t help but laugh at all the cuteness! hehe


I thought to myself…

After 3 years of living here and us finally participating in a few of the festivities…

What do I think of this new (to me) holiday?


And Here’s what was going through my mind:

What I don’t like about Children’s Day:

The materialistic side of it. The kids are spoiled with “things.” Since most children are the only child, they are naturally quite spoiled. On this day…you can really tell. It’s all about the toys, and clothes, and treats. I saw a lot of screaming and foot stomping going down.

But the truth is…we do this for a lot of holidays in the States. Spoil our kids like crazy…and totally miss the point of the holiday. We may not have a Children’s Day, but Christmas...anyone?! Yes, we miss the point I’m afraid! And there is a lot of screaming and foot stopping on that day as well!

What I LOVE about Children’s Day:

Seeing children. It’s true. You actually don’t see a lot of children on the streets in China because they spend long hours in school, doing extra curricular activities, or in the evenings, inside with their grandparents. The streets are flooded with kids on Children’s Day, and I.love.that.

Seeing families. Parents work. Kids go to school. Babies are cared for by their grandmothers. You don’t get to see an entire family interacting outside very often. Saturday, I saw moms and dads together enjoying time with their babies. Precious!

Watching the love. As I rode the bus on Saturday afternoon, my eyes literally welled up with tears watching all the daddies hug their little girls, mommies kissing their little ones’ foreheads as they’re passed out on their laps, children laughing at their parents’ goofy actions…No matter how different their culture is. They are families. They love.


Looking out at all the families, I was reminded of the reason why we are here. To share His Gospel…with these people…these families.

Who love their babies like I love my babies, and who want to give them everything!!

Who love celebrating them, and the gift that they are! But who are missing the greatest gift of all…my Savior, Jesus Christ!


I’ve determined that I love watching all the families celebrate together.

I am desperately praying that the Lord will use our family to reach many of these beautiful families in our city with the Gospel! I hope that you will pray with me!


And while, I’m not into just another day to spoil my kids…I am very much into another day to love on them, kiss them, goof off with them, and just thank and praise God for them!!

And Children’s Day is just another great excuse to do that! :)


My daughter's class performing

My daughter’s class performing

Parent tug of war

Parent tug o’ war









Playing a few games

Playing a few games

Baby rides at the arcade

Baby rides at the arcade

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