Sunday is the most exciting, fun, crazy, exhausting, looked forward to …day of the week for our family. It’s a favorite day around here!

On Sunday, you will discover that we stay busy from the early hours of the morning to until the late hours of the evening (with a short power nap to keep us going in between of course!)  Can anyone relate?!

But we love it! We feel so privileged to do what we do…together as a family!

On Sunday nights, as exhausted as I am,  I have the most difficult time sleeping…not that it’s all that unusual for this insomniac ha! But anyways… I usually find myself up late thinking about all the events of the day:

~How God used the messages to work in people’s hearts and how they responded.

~My kiddos in Bible club…how well they listened and how much fun they had. I think about what I could do to help them understand more and what we could do to make the club better.

~My afternoon Bible study… My heart aches for my friends who have not yet accepted Christ. I worry my Chinese isn’t good enough, that I’m not explaining the gospel clearly, and at the same time, I can see the Holy Spirit doing a work in each of their hearts. It’s beyond exciting!

There’s so much to think about at the end of the day! My mind just refuses to shut down :)

One thing that I’ve wanted to start doing is a photo blog each Sunday night to review our day. I know people are always asking me what “my Sunday” looks like, and I thought this might be a good way to show everyone.

So this is my first “Sunday View”…a glimpse into my life on Sunday.

Now yesterday morning, I didn’t have this idea in mind, so I didn’t take a lot of pictures from which to choose from.

These images are literally just coming straight from the camera roll on my phone…moments I just had to snap a picture of yesterday.


This young man accepted Christ as his Savior last week and wanted to be baptised as soon as possible :)

baptism 2

Such an exciting moment, to watch someone share their faith in Christ publicly through baptism!


My sweet An An in the nursery…She’s getting so big!


This girl is hilarious! Here she is already trying to make the “peace” sign for a photo :)


Sisters playing nicely…for the moment


My big girl lost her first tooth! I’m just happy we made it to 7.5 years…I feel like I’ve been able to keep her “my baby” for a little longer. Now she just looks like the big girl that she is…Miss snaggletooth!


While daddy runs an English corner on Sunday nights, we are working hard at home on Chinese reading and writing homework, English reading and writing, and Math. Homeschooling gets done at the oddest hours due to our crazy schedules!


I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos from our day. I look forward to sharing more of our “Sundays” in the weeks to come

With love,


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