Today was a super relaxed day!

We had this terrible wind last night that had the babies waking up every couple of hours, and I will just go ahead and admit that I’m not good at running on that kind of sleep!

I don’t drink coffee at home anymore, though…

So that probably has something to do with it!

Anyway, I just couldn’t seem to get moving this morning and ended up resting with my babies for a while…which was wonderful.

But by early afternoon, I was ready to get to work!

I ended up getting everything done too! Woohoo! That doesn’t always happen with little ones, right?!


Day 2 Prep:

-Roast and puree two small pumpkins for pumpkin pies

-Bake cranberry banana bread for Thanksgiving morning

-Make whole wheat tortillas for turkey leftovers (turkey wraps)

-Catch up on fall cleaning/organizing for visitors


Tonight’s family activity:

Tonight was Thanksgiving craft night!

Our girls love to do art projects and simple crafts, so we knew they would really enjoy this family activity!



turkeycraftkids wall

What did we do?

We sat down together as a family and took a moment to re-tell the first Thanksgiving story, and then each of us worked on a craft depicting a person/animal in the story. Afterwards, we spent some time talking about what we were thankful for as a family and had a short time of prayer to thank our Heavenly Father for those things.

It was a very sweet time together :)

The girls ended up loving the craft time!  And it wasn’t time consuming or expensive! Yes!


Doing this activity together reminded me, again, that our kids don’t need us to take them on trips to elaborate zoos or playgrounds.

They don’t need fancy toys or things… to make them happy.

They just need us.

While there’s nothing wrong with those things, our kids need us.

They need us, their parents, to put down our phones and devices…

and make time for them…

just them…


It doesn’t even have to be that long! Our activity tonight didn’t take that long at all, but our time together was quality time….and it was wonderful.


It’s simple, but I forget so often!

I’m thankful for the reminder today…

Cherishing all these precious moments with my girls!



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