It’s the day before Thanksgiving! And the cooking is in full swing!


Today’s Prep:

-Prepare a second batch of breadcrumbs

-Chop celery and onion for stuffing

-Cut up carrots for maple glazed carrots.

-Prepare a pot of chicken broth for stuffing

-Bake a batch of Cloverleaf rolls

-Make mini pumpkin pies

-Wash and dry lettuce for apple pecan salad

-Roast sweet potatoes and prepare sweet potato casserole for baking

-Make crockpot mashed potatoes

-Prepare turkey brine

-Brine turkey

-Bake one pan of cornbread for stuffing


Cooking with a friend 

This afternoon, a sweet friend of mine took some time out of her busy schedule to come over and help me in the kitchen… and we ended up having a blast!

It was so much fun having a “sister” for the day to cook with! We chatted about our families’ Thanksgiving traditions…and laughed uncontrollably at our cooking blunders…

It was such a blessing to get to know her more through this experience!

And did I mention that she was a huge help?!

I really don’t know how I would’ve completed all my tasks without her!

Tonight, I’m thankful for the friends God has sent my way….Friends who encourage me, pray for me, and challenge me to love Him more.

I’m so thankful for the family we have all over the world, as believers, in Christ!





Tonight ended up being too busy, but the girls didn’t mind. They are so sweet and always seem to go with the flow. We are incredibly blessed to be their parents!


What about your holiday cooking? How is it going?

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