It’s amazing how fast we go from celebrating Thanksgiving to celebrating Christmas!

For some, it starts right after the Thanksgiving meal comes to an end. For others, it’s the first of December…

For our family, it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving.

But this year we decided to wait until after our Thanksgiving service at church (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) to start pulling out the decorations and such…

To my surprise, it ended up taking a few days to get really into the “Christmas spirit.” We had so much fun this Thanksgiving that we needed a few days to recuperate before starting all the Christmas fun!

But now, all things “Christmas” are in full swing at our house! The music, decorations, movies, crafts, hot cocoa and.. oh! The endless Christmas shopping and gift wrapping! ;)

We’re having a blast! Just enjoying all the fun.

Our Chinese friends can not believe how much we westerners do for the holidays… especially at Christmas! It amazes them!

Special songs?

Are those huge socks hanging on the wall?

So many decorations!!

Gifts? For everyone?!

Cookies! Yummy!

I’ll often hear them exclaim :)

When they enter my house during the holidays, it’s like Alice in Wonderland… they’ve come into another world!

Christmas in China is just an ordinary day.

So, they love coming into our home and learning about all our crazy traditions and the special things we do.

They enjoy so much looking at the shiny ornaments and glittering lights, and taking photos in front of the tree…

And I love sharing it all with them too!

But most of all, I love sharing with them the reason that we, as a family, celebrate this beautiful holiday…why it’s not just another ordinary day to us…and why we make such a fuss about it all…

King Jesus.

He is the reason we have something to celebrate!

Sure all the other cultural stuff is fun. But without my Jesus, there would be no hope this season… no reason to sing…no reason to celebrate.

He came! He was born! So that we might have life!

I LOVE getting to celebrate the holidays here in China.

I love inviting my friends in… and talking about the lights and the gifts and why we give them…

I love telling them that it’s all because God gave us the greatest gift of all that first Christmas day! His Son!

I just love having another reason to talk to them about Jesus. 

And that’s really what Christmas is about folks…

Our King. Our Lord. Our Savior.

Why don’t you take time this Christmas season to give someone the gift of the gospel? There is no greater gift you could give a person than the good news… that Christ was born! That He came to save us from our sin! And we have hope in Him!

And share your experience below in the comments! I’d love to hear how you are sharing the gift of the gospel this holiday season.



The girls love doing the Christmas calendar each night!

Our Christmas calendar filled with candy and verses for each day leading up to Christmas. We love doing this together :)

Reading a Christmas story

Reading  me a Christmas story

Christmas tears? She was NOT happy about me taking her picture while she was trying to eat her yummy muffin :P

Christmas tears? She was NOT happy about me taking her picture while she was trying to eat her yummy muffin :P

One comment on “Christmas time is here!

  • Natasha, my past Christmas’ are very much like yours. Now without Bob they will never be the same. I really miss him and look forward to the day I will see him again. I am blessed to be spending my Christmas in Colorado Springs with Wes and his family, including Ryan and His wife, Liz. Right now they have snow, so that will be good. We are all excited! I pray for all of you daily. Have a wonderful Chrisrmas season! I love you all and miss you!

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