Last night, I was privileged to host the ladies of Grace Church in my home for our monthly ladies’ meeting!

The winter months tend to be very busy for everyone due to the holidays and final exams. This usually causes our group to get a bit smaller. But that doesn’t keep us from having fun!

In fact, some of my sweetest memories come from our previous December and January ladies’ meetings!

During these months, we prefer gathering in a more intimate setting (which is usually around my dining room table,) and just celebrating the holidays together, as sisters in Christ. In December, we usually spend an evening baking Christmas cookies, and then in January we set aside an entire day to make homemade dumplings in celebration of the new year!

These are sweet, sweet moments with ladies I love so dearly!

Grace Ladies 2014

Ladies of Grace 2014

Last night, our focus was on Christmas. I asked everyone to share their thoughts about Christmas before and after they believed on Christ.

Before hearing the gospel, they really had no idea Christmas was about Christ. To them, it was just a foreign holiday that malls and shops promoted to get people to buy more of their products. They knew silly things about Santa. But nothing true. 

None of them had ever celebrated Christmas (outside of our church) either, but they said they have enjoyed learning about the real reason we, as believers, celebrate Christmas, and they are looking forward to participating in our upcoming Christmas service!

We also discussed the idea of giving gifts, what they thought about all the materialism that surrounds the holiday, and why we might give gifts in the first place.

And then, I shared a short devotion on “The Greatest Gift of All: Jesus.”

Two of the ladies in our group have yet to receive Christ as their Savior. Last night, I begged them to see and accept the free gift God has offered them…salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.  Please pray for these ladies…that they would put their trust in Him.




After the devotion, we started our gingerbread cookies! We had a blast baking and decorating them together…and…

Ok, ok…there was some eating going on too!

decorating cookie


Tracy and Vicky are pros at cookie baking

I wasn’t able to take too many photos. I spent most of my time running in and out of the kitchen, but I’m sure you can tell from just these few that these ladies loved getting to bake!


ava bakes


A few of their creations!

A few of their creations!


Our December ladies meeting was a success! I think we were all encouraged by it. And as usual, I’m already looking forward to getting together again next month!










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