So hopefully by now you’ve read my previous post on differences.

Now, you tell me…

..that is if you’re interested…

What are some of the things you would like to read about on this subject??

I have been working on the next several posts and a few close friends have given me some great ideas for a few more…

I’m seriously thinking a guest post may be in order….your thoughts?!?

But I’d love to have your feedback since you read this!

So, do me a favor and if you have something in mind…leave it in the comment section

I really hope to hear from you!

ps: hopefully, someone will help me figure out why my blog is rejecting any picture insertion at this time, and I will have some pictures to go along with my future posts! lol!

3 comments on “You tell me

  • What I LOVE about your blog is that you are “real.” It allows me relate the challenges that missionaries encounter to my students. Those challenges (big or small) can be faced with the help of Christ. I teach Spanish at our Christian school. We have the “easy” life in America. God bless you and your family as you serve Christ in China!

  • I think any of the people in your blog roll would be great to hear from as guests and of course anything you have to share, love hearing more about your days!

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