May brought along the first signs of spring here in Northeast China, and our days are finally longer!! A big Hooray is in order!!

To give you an idea….

In the winter, (and you can check me on this one hehe!) the sun rises around 7am is completely gone by 4pm. This can make a person crazy!! Daylight definitely brings extra happiness in my book :).

Now that spring has sprung, our lovely sun rises around 4am and sets around 7pm. I’m loving it!!

May also brought us BEAUTIFUL blossoms all over the city! AND…let me tell ya…Cherry blossoms are much prettier in person (if you’ve only seen them on “asiany” decorated things lol)

The first of May did not however bring the wonderful warm weather we had hoped for. For the first few weeks, it was rainy and chilly, and the few days that weren’t rainy and chilly we experienced a dust storm (a first for me!) I will admit I had a hard time accepting this. I had been telling myself for months that the cold chilly days would be gone in May, and well, they’re still here for the most part. Things are looking up though. Just Tuesday, it was finally warm enough to wear a t-shirt outside, and Ava was able to go without tights and a sweater. Boy, did we enjoy that!! Wednesday had us back in long sleeves and jackets, but today, I can see the sun, and it’s looking good!!

If you wouldn’t mind, please pray that the Lord would continue to help me have a positive attitude about the weather. This is a major weakness for me. I’m a Georgia girl. I love the sun!

Even with the weather going back and forth, we’re still loving all things spring!! We’re going to soak up every ray of sunshine we can get over these next 4 months!!


May 2nd: On campus at a local university

Blossoms in our Courtyard

May 17th: First T-shirt Day!!




ps: A big THANKS goes out to my hubby for taking the time to help me fix the picture problem!!

3 comments on “First Signs of Spring

  • aww A** still looks cold in her TShirt! I do pray for you about the weather, anytime our weather changes for the good or bad it makes me think of your situation. I love that you said you are a GA girl YAY! Does this make you a DAWG fan, (don’t worry I won’t tell your dad :))

  • Oh no worries, it really was warm that day (can’t believe it haha.) I’m a total Georgia girl through and through….If I miss the Sates, I’m totally missing there! Thank you so much for praying! I know you are faithful to do so too because you always let me know! Thank you for caring about our family <3

    ps: Not quite a dawg fan yet….attended too many VOLS games as a kid. It’s ok though, isn’t your brother a UT fan lol?

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