The day I spent almost a year dreading finally came on Friday, and to my surprise it was an absolutely fantastic day. Actually, I shouldn’t say it was that big of a surprise. Wesley’s birth was the exact same way. I spent countless hours agonizing at just the thought of finally giving birth, and his birthday was one of the most joyous days of my life!

Anyways, back to Friday :)….

It was such a wonderful day!

I woke up with absolutely no sadness…no tears…no nervous feelings…just pure excitement.

The night before, we had decided that we would celebrate by packing a picnic, and spending the day at the botanical gardens in our city.

Since almost no one has a yard in China (including us!) the gardens are a popular place to picnic.

So, I spent the morning hours preparing our picnic lunch. I packed the usual sandwiches along with some fruit, popcorn, and a small brownie cake I had made to celebrate the day (every 1st birthday has to be celebrated with cake in my opinion,) and then we left to celebrate outdoors!

When we arrived at the gardens, I was shocked to find there were people picnicking everywhere! I had no idea that chinese people even liked to picnic this much! Some people had even set up a tent to spend the day there….Wow.

We walked around for a little while before finding a some-what secluded spot, but we found a great one under the trees…Wesley’s grave is under some of the most beautiful trees, and just sitting there made me feel close to where I would be if possible.

Once we set up our spot, we sat down to enjoy our lunch. The park’s loudspeakers were playing some beautiful instrumental music that afternoon, and it provided some nice background music to our celebration. We ate quietly for the most part, but halfway through our lunch, I looked over at my husband and almost screamed,

“They’re playing Amazing Grace!”

It was true. In the middle of our little picnic under the trees, they were playing Amazing Grace. I’m sure they probably had no idea what song it was. The music they were playing was just a bunch of random instrumental music. But for us, it was the perfect song for the day. It was truly….Amazing

After lunch, we let our little girl play with bubbles and her ball for a while, and then we packed up so we could check out the rest of the gardens before leaving. The weather wasn’t the best that day, and we weren’t sure how long we’d be able to stay. It was sunny out, but every few minutes you would feel a few raindrops. It didn’t bother me for the most part, I thought it fit the day pretty perfectly.

The park was incredibly beautiful. It is such a rare occasion to see beautiful trees, green grass, flowers and the like in this city. I was in love with the place!

The most beautiful part of the gardens for me was the tulip gardens. I went to the area expecting to see a few tulips and was shocked to see thousands of the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen. It was a dream! Looking over the small sea of tulips and gazing at the trees above them…I was speechless. All I could think about was how GREAT our God is. How AMAZING are his works, and it broke my heart to think that most chinese people come to these beautiful gardens and don’t see our marvelous Creator.

After spending some time with the tulips, we decided to head back. Once we got back to the car and loaded everything up, the rain came pouring down. I was so incredibly thankful that the Lord had held it off until after we had finished our special day.

It was the most perfect…the most peaceful…the most amazing day of celebration.

Blowing out the candle for Wesley

yellow tulips

A small sea of tulips

5 comments on “Raindrops and Tulips

  • Sounds like a amazing day. God is great! The tulips look beautiful…..great pictures. Thanks for sharing Wesley’s first birthday with everyone. Love too all

    A* blowing out the candle is adorable.

  • That was really cool that they played amazing grace. And you saw all those beautiful tulips! Thank you for sharing!

  • Your pictures are so beautiful !!! I love it that they played Amazing Grace for you …… haha I know they didn’t play it for you but I’m glad they played it !!!

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