So this post is my first regarding “differences.” These posts will deal with the things I have had to get used to this year, how I’ve handled the process, and what I’ve learned through them.

The first subject will be a series of three posts….my husband would be so proud!

I’m also going to combine these posts with an update about the baby from my first appointment…since I never got around to that…and I know you’re curious!


Medical Care

Let’s just be honest, medical care abroad is almost never the same as in the States, but the medical care here in China is difficult for even the strongest woman to handle.

I took a poll recently with some foreign women in our city…

What is one thing you really miss from the States?

The number one answer was medical care.

From the very first week we arrived, we witnessed some awful experiences with the hospitals here in our city. My sweet friend here has had some difficult medical problems and was having them right around the time we arrived. She was lied to by the hospital staff, made to believe she needed surgeries that were not necessary, and spent days getting treatment that was at least 50 years behind that of the States. She eventually went to an international hospital in Beijing to get the care she needed, and they took extremely good care of her. The only problem is that the hospital is 8 to 10 hours away by train and travel can be quite pricey!!

After watching her go through what she did at the hospital and hearing stories of others’ first hand experiences, I spent the last year here avoiding ever having to go back!  I called doctors in the States for all our minor illnesses and they  provided me with the prescriptions needed for us to get well.

When we discovered we had a new baby on the way, however, I could avoid the doctor no longer. I knew I needed to see someone. So, my husband and I made our first trip to the hospital!

Knowing I wouldn’t return to the hospital my friend had previously stayed in, we chose to try the medical university’s hospital first. Initially, we were quite impressed at how clean and somewhat “modern” the hospital appeared to be. Please note the word “appeared” in that sentence! It actually reminded us of an airport! There were escalators leading to 5 or 6 floors, metal side by side chairs off to the side everywhere you went designating waiting areas, and counters with hundreds of people standing in line after line waiting to pay for their services. We had NEVER seen that many people in a hospital in our lives!!

We thought maybe it won’t be all that bad…

So, I decided for my first visit I would  just see about getting an ultrasound done and go from there.


Check out tomorrow’s post titled: The Process…Medical Care (2 of 3)…for more on my first visit at the hospital


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