Sorry to leave some of you confused at the end of my last post.

If you are new to the blog, you were probably thinking, “So, now what’s wrong with the baby? I know the story doesn’t end like that!”

I know a couple of people clicked  “continue reading” thinking that it wasn’t working, but I really did end it that way. Just to keep you reading (haha…totally just kidding!)

You would be right in your thinking, though. That isn’t the end of the story.

Because I started this blog a little late, I am sort of doing a “recap” of what has happened so far, and a lot has happened! (To much to write only one post really) So, please subscribe or check back every couple of days to make sure you get the whole story, and thank you for reading what has been written so far!

One comment on “NOTE:

  • I know that we have never met. My husband and I are friends of Jeremy and Bekah Hall and we learned of your blog through theirs. I cannot begin to understand what you are experiencing but I know the pain of losing a baby, as I have lost two through miscarriage. Please know that I am praying for you and your family during this time that God's grace will sustain you. –Kari Showers Isaiah 26:3 (This was the verse the Lord gave us during one of our difficult moments.)

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