The process:


To do anything at a hospital here in our city, you must first pay for a medical records booklet. No, they don’t keep medical records. You buy a book for the doctor to write in and that is your “medical record.” So before I could see the doctor, I had to first stand in line #1 for 20 minutes and purchase my medical booklet. After purchasing my book, I waited in line #2 for 10 minutes to ask the doctor if I could have an ultrasound. He said yes. So, I went downstairs to the ultrasound area.

The first step to getting an ultrasound is paying for it. This led us to line #3. After waiting in line for another 30 minutes, our ultrasound was paid for and I found myself in line #4 to see the ultrasound tech. This line at least involved taking a number and sitting in a waiting area! Hallelujah!

After 45 minutes in the waiting area, I was called back for the ultrasound. Men are not allowed to enter the ultrasound rooms so my husband had to stay outside. I shared the room with another lady and was not allowed to even look at the screen during the ultrasound. It is not legal for the Chinese to see their ultrasounds!

The lady was extremely cold saying only

oh you are pregnant,”

…and then she sent me on my way. I quickly made my way to line #5 and spent 30 minutes waiting to receive my paper that confirmed I was indeed “pregnant.”

The day finally ended with me seeing the doctor, so that he could confirm that yes, I was “pregnant,” and I would have the baby sometime in January-February next year.


I think I knew all that before I came….

I felt dizzy from all the shuffling that occurred throughout the day. Go here, then there, wait here, lay down here, go there, pay for this.

I didn’t have any time to process what was going on!

When my husband and I returned to the car, I burst into HUGE crocodile-like tears. The visit was exhausting and completely pointless!

They had told me nothing about my baby! No due date, no “looks great!” I didn’t get to see my baby. I didn’t even get to hear the doctor or ultrasound tech’s names. They didn’t care about me. I couldn’t believe how cold they were!

At that moment, I wanted to be “home” aka America (which is not my home anymore but when you are hurting you tend to forget that.) I thought of my sweet midwife….how she would’ve jumped for joy with me…how she would have hugged me and how we would’ve watched the ultrasound for as long as possible! It hurt.

My husband was so compassionate. He knew how much I needed a good appointment after losing our last baby, and it was clear that the experience was anything but reassuring! So, he sweetly took me out for ice-cream and let me cry my tears and get over it.

I’m sure all of you are thinking what typically comes to mind when I tell a story….how overdramatic! Nothing bad happened.

And I say the usual :)….

You’re probably right. But I think all women would agree that those first few visits after finding out you are pregnant are the best! Seeing your baby for the first time….ahhh love at first site! Hearing it’s heart beat….amazing! The relationship you build with your doctor for 9 months…so comforting!  That’s why many pregnant women are so set on their doctor being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

So it’s hard….not having any of that and feeling completely clueless when it comes to your baby!




One of these days….I’ll get over it :)


Please stop by tomorrow to read about some things I learned from my experience! Tomorrow’s post: A better understanding…Medical Care (3 of 3)

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