So, what did I learn from my first experience at the hospital here?

I didn’t learn anything about my baby obviously! And to say….”I am now so appreciative of the medical care in America” is just…well…not much to learn if you ask me.

I think the best thing I took away from this experience was a better understanding of the way women in China may think. Abortions are EXTREMELY high in China. It is an every day thing here and considered no big deal at all. In the past, I’ve thought….“how could so many women just abort their baby so easily?”…but after this visit, I realized these chinese women get absolutely no connection with their baby before 16-20 weeks when they feel those first movements. They aren’t allowed to see anything, hear the heartbeat (until 16 weeks,) or even know something as small as a real due date. In America, at just 6 weeks, I saw my precious little babies, and at 10 weeks, I could hear their little heart beat. Those things bind the heart! These young women feel no connection which I think makes it easier for some to think twice about keeping the baby.

One of the young women at our church found abortion to be no big deal until I showed her an email showing the development of my baby at 10 weeks. She couldn’t believe the baby actually looked like a real baby! She was amazed to see the picture of the baby showed little fingers and toes….even fingernails! It completely changed her outlook on abortion. She thought babies were nothing but a dot at that point! That development didn’t happen until much later! I saw the change in her eyes, and it taught me so much about the way these ladies think.

Although the experience is not one I’d like to go through again…I’m glad I visited that hospital and got a better understanding of what things were like there.

By the way, my second visit (at a different hospital) was a lot better! I will be writing about it in another post!

The medical care here is different and certainly hard to get used to, but I’m trying to slowly “get used” to it. :)

This concludes the first post/series on differences…..what did you think?

5 comments on “A Better Understanding…Medical Care (3 of 3)

  • I am blessed that the medical care is very good here in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. It really opened my eyes reading your recent posts about the medical care there. It touched my heart that you were able to learn from it and can better understand the ladies there. Reminds me of the the verse, “I sat where they sat.”

  • Natasha: I enjoy so much reading your blogs. It is so awesome how you are using this experience to connect and try and understand the Chinese woman and teach them the real truth about pregnancy. I am ao proud of you! Love you .. Brenda

  • I love learning about the difference in health care in a different county. I myself am interested in going into a medical field of some sort. Thank You !!

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