Twenty weeks: The halfway point in a woman’s pregnancy.

To the average mother, whose pregnancy seems to be healthy and normal , the twenty week check-up is exciting! It means answering the big question, “boy or girl?” seeing your little one’s beautiful face, and getting pictures of tiny hands and feet. It is a wonderful experience!

But to the mother who has miscarried in the past or is experiencing problems early on in her pregnancy, the twenty week check-up is the hardest to go to. The big question is no longer “boy or girl,” but is now “life or death?” While finding little hands and feet is important, a healthy heart and pair of kidneys is top priority. Learning the gender and getting cute pictures, those are just bonuses! This mother’s only care is to hear those three PERFECT words, “everything looks normal.”

I had no idea (after having a fairly normal pregnancy that kept me in group #1 the first time around) that there were mothers who dread this appointment, until I became one. And once you become a part of this group, you can never return to the other. It’s life changing.

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  • Hi! my name is Abigail and I attend Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton, GA, I read about your pregnancy and baby, don't know you, but just wanted to let you know that my heart and prayers are with you. I got a difficulties during my whole 1st pregnancy (placenta previa), but Thanks the Lord at the end we were fine. I can't not imaging all what you and your family been through, but I'm sure that the Lord is and will comfort you. I think God give special circumstances and trials to his most loved children.

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