Last year, I had the privilege of fixing Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the very first time. In fact, up until that point, I had never even contributed a dish to our families’ Thanksgiving meals since we were visiting from out of state.

For some reason when the holiday came around last year, I thought it would be easy fixing the meal (even though I knew how long my mom, aunts, and other family members usually took to prepare it and I had to do everything from scratch;) I prepared almost nothing beforehand.


It ended up being such a crazy day for me! I managed to get everything done, but I could not even enjoy the day after the cooking was done because I was so exhausted.


This year I decided to plan ahead of time…

To take my time over several days…

To invite our China family over…

To split up the amount of dishes cooked! (I soooo understand why families do this now :) )

I had it all figured out in a beautiful “Thanksgiving Schedule!”

And wouldn’t you know….


Today, the day before Thanksgiving, nothing went as planned on the “Thanksgiving Schedule!”

I say,

“Oh well, at least I tried!”

I still got a few things accomplished…just not in the time I wanted to (aka early enough to get lots of sleep haha!)


Since I’m up late, I thought as a fun little blog post that I would share my day with you.


Here’s what I got accomplished:

Morning hours

Isn’t lovely?

I successfully cleaned my guest bathroom.


messy living room
What my daughter did while I cleaned…

Isn’t this how it works with toddlers? :)

As you can also tell from the photo above, I was able to fold some laundry :)



and lastly, I baked my spice cake! I am way too excited about eating this tomorrow!


Afternoon hours

I think everything that could go wrong went wrong in the afternoon…

like accidentally using baking powder in my cornbread recipe instead of baking soda…

and my stove not working…

 My Sunday School lesson

But on the bright side, I was able to finish my Sunday school lesson for Sunday by late afternoon!


Evening hours

We had a great time at church and then I ran (by ran I mean rode in my car :) ) to the grocery for more milk!


Night time hours

Chopped up onions and celery

I put my food processor to good use!

Cornbread Redo



Made some yummy yummy cream cheese icing and put it on the spice cake!


and….Finished my “way too time consuming” bread dough for the rolls

That’s it!

It’s time for bed!

How is your food prep day going? I hope everyone is getting tons done for a wonderful Thanksgiving day tomorrow…unless you’re eating out of course…then, I just hope you’re enjoying your day!



2 comments on “Planning Ahead

  • Looks like you did a great job! It is nice to share the dishes and most people love to bring something. It is never EASY…….but can be fun.
    I will be spending the day with my hubby who is now in a facility for physical rehab. I actually can have Thanksgiving dinner with him in the dinning room!
    Have a great Thanksgiving day! We love you all and love the pictures!

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