So the week before my parents arrived in China, my 6 weeks of “maternity leave” ended and the time came to re-start my language study. My first day back at class was pretty rough. It turns out, if you don’t use much Chinese over a 3 month period, you will forget some things!

Who knew?

Anyways, one thing I could definitely tell I was struggling with when we arrived back in our city was my tones. I could often remember “the word” I was looking for but not the tone…

which is essentially the word….

confusing I know

If you didn’t know already….Chinese is pretty hard! haha!

My language school teacher and I decided that we would spend the first day back reading through previous material to practice the tones and review old vocabulary. I was corrected A LOT in my tones since I had picked up some bad habits especially with certain words (this came from me guessing what tone a word might be and then no one ever correcting it,) and by the end of the day I felt exhausted but extremely happy to be back to learning…

Because, as surprising as it may seem to me some days, I do want to continue learning this language :)

Language school has definitely brought out the worst in me at times. In the first months (and I’m being completely transparent here,) it was nothing for me to be yelling at my husband for making me go, crying because I was just so tired at the end of the day, and just plain angry at my teacher for correcting me 20 times on just the word “cao” (true story!) I felt like I just might lose my mind if I had to go one more day. But, thankfully, the Lord gave me a patient husband who pushed me to go.

Because now…

I realize it’s completely worth all the struggles.

Just being able to have a conversation with a friend….to share Christ with someone…and all in Chinese. It is such a privilege and exciting opportunity!

And you can imagine how discouraging it was to be confined to a house away for 3 months losing what you’ve worked so hard over the past year to learn.

Yes, it comes back, but losing it even for a day, week, month or more is pretty annoying.

So, I am working hard to get back into the swing of things and start using my Chinese more and more.

Last week, I was able to teach our children’s sunday school class for the first time since we returned. Even though I let my nerves get the best of me during the lesson, I was encouraged to see at the end that the children had been really attentive, could answer all my questions, and even had awesome questions about the story of their own!

There are no words to even describe how privileged I feel to get to share the Bible with these kiddos!

Am I a perfect student? Definitely not

Do I use English too much? yes

Should I practice more? for sure

Do I like doing class most days? probably never (I know I know…please don’t dislike me)


I do want so badly to know this language better, not so I can feel accomplished or get glory for myself, but so that I can glorify Christ and be a better witness to people of all ages for Him in this country.


to end….

I’d just like to ask you to pray for me and my language learning. Things are hectic around here about 99% of the time with a pre-schooler, new baby, and recent visitors so sometimes I don’t have the amount of time that I would like to practice.

But I’m trying.

Pray that the Lord would continue to give our family the language… That our pronunciation and tones would continue to get better…and that we would be continual witness for Him in this city.





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