Last week my parents were able to visit us here in China. This was their second trip, so there was no pressure for us to do the usual tourist activities. We were able to, instead, just enjoy our week together doing the every day things. We took them to church and then to visit one of the new churches (that was started after their first trip here) over the weekend. Then, we spent the rest of the week taking the girls to various places around the city and spending the evenings relaxing at our apartment.

It was such a great week, and I am so happy that my parents were able to come and meet the new addition to our family as well as spend lots of time playing with our oldest. They spoiled her rotten with fancy toys, Easter candy from the States, and lots of attention!!

I know the trip is not only expensive but also very rough with the 24 hour travel time one way, 12 hour time change, and my dad’s health not being very good, so I appreciate them being willing to take time off from their jobs (some of it unpaid) to take an uncomfortable trip across the world to see their daughter and grand daughters twice in one year. They are truly the best parents any girl could ask for, and I don’t take it for granted. They are so supportive of my husband and me, and they encourage me, whenever I may be having a difficult day, to keep pressing forward. I am so thankful that Lord gave me the parents that he did.

And I am so happy that my girls were able to spend some time in the floor playing with them over the last week.

My oldest loved every minute of it!


Mimi and Papaw


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