Our little bit surprises us daily with how quick she is to reach her first milestones! It is like she knew from the very beginning that our household is a busy one and she is trying her best to keep up!!

Xiǎo An: 1 Month- 2 Months

Timeline and Milestones:

March 4,2012: On her one month birthday, my little bit looked up at me and smiled the most honestly real, insanely huge smile ever! Made my heart melt to pieces!

March 13, 2012- 5 weeks old: Our munchkin rolled over (stomach to back!) We couldn’t believe it since she’s so little, but she did it multiple times for us!

March 15, 2012- 5.5 weeks old: The expatriate ladies in our city threw Skyla and I a baby shower. It was so much fun, and made being away from “home” during her first weeks so much easier.

March 15-16 2012- 5.5 weeks old: We tried the swaddle blanket for the first time, and she slept through the night. Can you say YAHOOOO?

March 30, 2012- 8 weeks old: Little girl met her Mimi and Papaw for the first time! My oldest had already told her all about them, but she was able to be cuddled in their arms for the first time on this day!

March 30-April 7, 2012- 8-9 weeks old: Mimi and Papaw spent the week with us. We took the baby to Central Street and Sun Island for the first time. We also spent lots of time at home playing together!

Her weight at 8 weeks was: 11 lbs. 12.8 oz.

April 4, 2012: We celebrated her 2 month birthday out with Mimi and Papaw!

What we learned:

Colic was at it’s worst this month, and we learned it’s almost impossible to comfort a baby with colic. We also learned that colic can make you feel like you are going crazy! :)

Towards the end of this month, I eliminated milk from my diet which helped with the colic. We also started using a swaddle blanket which has helped with soothing her.

Our baby plans to keep us on our toes. She was quick to smile, roll over, and is a constant mover. She also out grows her clothes faster than I can keep up!!

She still wins favorite family member to cuddle with :)…Insanely cuddly!

She loves her Mimi! Just like her big sister, she loves to be rocked by her Mimi. My mom and I took turns when she got super fussy because we are the only ones who can get her calm!

No matter how bad the fussy moments are…her smiley moments make you forget they ever happened; I’m telling you…this girl’s smile melts hearts!

Chinese people love the tights with the “fake” shoes on the bottom. If you’ve never seen them, google Trumpette. Cutest tights ever!! And Chinese people think they are the coolest. Every Sunday our church people love to talk about them hehe :)

What a great month we had with our monkey!!

1 month Chunky Monkey

Love this

2nd Month Birthday with Mimi and Papaw

2 months!

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