Today is Mother’s Day both here in China and in the States, well…It’s the same day for about 12 hours that is :)

And I am feeling especially blessed to be sharing the day with my two beautiful princesses! I have been showered with flowers this weekend from a sweet friend and my girls both at our house and at church, and I was able to watch my oldest sing along with the other children during our special Mother’s Day service this morning. It was definitely a teary-eyed moment for me!

In fact, this day has had me completely overwhelmed with emotions (imagine that ;) !!)

Imagine my morning…

Sitting in a chinese church service decorated with pink, orange, and yellow paper flowers, decorated signs and verses, watching an amazing amount of little ones aging 2-8 years old singing proudly for their mamas while their parents are all standing trying to video the insane amount of cuteness that’s going on… then watching them bring gifts that they both made in Sunday school and those that had been bought by the church to their mommies after their song…all followed by a biggest of big hugs!

After the special kids time…getting to hold a snuggly sleeping baby girl while listening to the morning sermon.

How could anyone not feel blessed?!?!

It goes down as the best Mother’s Day ever in my book


So blessed


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