It’s amazing how fast we go from celebrating Thanksgiving to celebrating Christmas! For some, it starts right after the Thanksgiving meal comes to an end. For others, it’s the first of December… For our family, it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving. But this year we decided to wait until after our Thanksgiving service at church… Read More

This post comes a little late, but here’s a look at our Thanksgiving service at Grace a couple of weeks back:     What a wonderful day it was! We are certainly blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the Lord’s work here in China! And I want to thank you for being… Read More

Sunday is the most exciting, fun, crazy, exhausting, looked forward to …day of the week for our family. It’s a favorite day around here! On Sunday, you will discover that we stay busy from the early hours of the morning to until the late hours of the evening (with a short power nap to keep… Read More

A year ago this week, our pastor, his wife, and several other missionary friends made a trip over from the States to visit the church here in China and us. During that time, our church, Grace Baptist Church, was officially organized! It was an extremely special time… having our “spiritual parents” here for the organizing of… Read More

Last week, we received news that my husband’s grandfather passed away. I’m not going to lie; it was extremely difficult to hear. We knew Mark’s grandfather would more than likely pass away while we were on the field, but the news is always hard. Hearing it makes you want to hop on the first plane… Read More

June 1st is a huge holiday here in China. It’s Children’s day!! I think it’s awesome because every year after a few sad days around Wesley’s birthday…the streets suddenly become flooded with children, balloons, and all kinds of different treats. It just forces me to smile hehe! When we first moved to China though, I… Read More

Well, it’s technically been spring since April. That’s when the temperatures started warming and the snow started melting away. But, for me, Spring isn’t here until it’s warm, the sun is shining, and the trees are blooming. And in Northeast China, that’s right around the first week of May! I had initially hoped it would… Read More

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank you for the great response to Part 1 of this series. It was so encouraging to read the messages and comments throughout the week. Thank you for sending them my way!   Hi. My name is Natasha, and I suffer from… Culture Shock.   That’s right I’m… Read More

You know what the funny thing about culture shock is? No one wants to admit that they are experiencing it. We (myself included) want to talk our way around it or make excuses for why we’re acting the way we are…anything but culture shock! I always like to ask people who are new to the… Read More

I mentioned earlier that we had some exciting things planned here. This past week we started working on some of those “things” 🙂 Last Sunday night, a group of 50 people came down from three churches in our previous city on a short  3 day “missions trip.” When the idea was originally brought up a… Read More