After a 4 month mini furlough to visit family, friends, our home church, and supporting churches in the States, our family is now back home in our new city located in North East China! We are so excited to be back and entering this new season of our life and ministry…Church planting!!! It seems surreal… Read More

I’ve mentioned several times now that our family now resides in a new city in the Northeast part of China, but I’ve never written about the move itself. So here’s a little bit about it! When our family left for China over 2 years ago, our plan was to move to the city where our… Read More

So… As you can see from the title… With a fresh start…comes a fresh blog. I’ve came so far since my first post, but I didn’t want to just start completely over with a new blog from scratch. There are definitely a few articles here that I want to hold onto. So, this is what… Read More

Have  you ever reached a point in your life where maybe one day you woke up… or were taking a walk… or rocking a baby… or sitting in the middle of a crowd… and you realized that everything in your life had changed? And when you tried to think back to when this change actually… Read More

So every year (or at least the last two 😉 ) I write a post about the beginning of the warm weather season here in our city. I write about it mostly due to the fact that the winter is so long that it’s just too awesome not to write about!! Last spring was really… Read More

Traditionally in East Asian cultures and especially in China, a baby’s 100th day is a time of celebration! It was originally celebrated because of the high mortality rate among mother and new born babies. The families during that time thought making it to the 100th day was a huge milestone. Today, while the mortality rate… Read More

So the week before my parents arrived in China, my 6 weeks of “maternity leave” ended and the time came to re-start my language study. My first day back at class was pretty rough. It turns out, if you don’t use much Chinese over a 3 month period, you will forget some things! Who knew?… Read More

Last week my parents were able to visit us here in China. This was their second trip, so there was no pressure for us to do the usual tourist activities. We were able to, instead, just enjoy our week together doing the every day things. We took them to church and then to visit one… Read More

Today was an absolute crazy day, and I mean that in a great way! Not everything went according to plan, but I am sure I will remember this Thanksgiving for many years to come for soo many different reasons :)! Right now…I am thankful beyond words! As our China family left this evening, I couldn’t… Read More

Last year, I had the privilege of fixing Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the very first time. In fact, up until that point, I had never even contributed a dish to our families’ Thanksgiving meals since we were visiting from out of state. For some reason when the holiday came around last year, I… Read More