Let’s just be honest…. What is a birthday without gifts? While writing about Wesley’s birthday a while back (it was a great day…wasn’t it?) I left out one …tiny…little detail about our special day. A special gift… And as I said before….really….what is a birthday without gifts?? lol We were SO surprised to receive such… Read More

The day I spent almost a year dreading finally came on Friday, and to my surprise it was an absolutely fantastic day. Actually, I shouldn’t say it was that big of a surprise. Wesley’s birth was the exact same way. I spent countless hours agonizing at just the thought of finally giving birth, and his… Read More

Some precious moments with my little boy..   Pregnancy pictures by. Kate Fies Photography Hospital photos by. Robyn Guy Photography  … Read More

I just want to start this post with “thank you” I was completely taken back this morning as I checked my email to find an overwhelming response to yesterday’s post. There were so many encouraging messages in my inbox whether from my blog, FB messages, or actual emails. I was so blessed by each and… Read More

So, I spent the end of last week getting ideas together for future posts dealing with differences. I had every intention of using this week to work on those… But then the weekend came… And reminded me what this week might hold for me.   Exactly one year ago today, I sat in a hospital… Read More

So, I’m guessing you figured it out by the title, but  I’ve been giving my blog the “silent treatment.” The last few months have been like a roller coaster ride! We’ve been busy, all over the place, and my emotions have been experiencing some extreme HIGHS and LOWS. I won’t deny it. I am ashamed… Read More

So here it is… My New Year’s Resolution! I have been wanting to start my blog back up for a while now, but because I left it in such an odd fashion, I have been unsure as where to start. I stopped writing during my pregnancy with Wesley when it got too hard. When I… Read More

Twenty weeks: The halfway point in a woman’s pregnancy. To the average mother, whose pregnancy seems to be healthy and normal , the twenty week check-up is exciting! It means answering the big question, “boy or girl?” seeing your little one’s beautiful face, and getting pictures of tiny hands and feet. It is a wonderful… Read More

Sorry to leave some of you confused at the end of my last post. If you are new to the blog, you were probably thinking, “So, now what’s wrong with the baby? I know the story doesn’t end like that!” I know a couple of people clicked  “continue reading” thinking that it wasn’t working, but… Read More

A mother knows her baby from the moment she reads the “positive” pregnancy test, and I knew almost immediately that something was different about our little one (my first thought was to put the word “wrong” here instead of “different”, but there is nothing “wrong” about this baby. God’s plan can never be “wrong.” )… Read More