One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is the homeschool group our family is privileged to be a part of here in the city. If you’ve ever had the privilege of teaching your children at home, then you’ve probably discovered that while it has its utterly beautiful, indescribably rewarding moments…it can also have it’s frustrating, hold… Read More

Let the holiday cooking begin! The holiday season is officially underway, and with the holidays, comes the food! That means most of my days are now being spent preparing to cook food, cooking food, or eating food. It’s pretty simple really! haha! Most people don’t realize how much work goes into preparing a holiday meal… Read More

Sunday is the most exciting, fun, crazy, exhausting, looked forward to …day of the week for our family. It’s a favorite day around here! On Sunday, you will discover that we stay busy from the early hours of the morning to until the late hours of the evening (with a short power nap to keep… Read More

A year ago this week, our pastor, his wife, and several other missionary friends made a trip over from the States to visit the church here in China and us. During that time, our church, Grace Baptist Church, was officially organized! It was an extremely special time… having our “spiritual parents” here for the organizing of… Read More

Its hard to believe it’s been over two years since I last posted on my personal blog. I’m finding this season of life…with three young children and ministry…to be busier than I ever dreamed it could be! (That’s right…I’ve had another baby! And surprise! It’s a girl! haha) It is however, the best kind of… Read More

Last week, we received news that my husband’s grandfather passed away. I’m not going to lie; it was extremely difficult to hear. We knew Mark’s grandfather would more than likely pass away while we were on the field, but the news is always hard. Hearing it makes you want to hop on the first plane… Read More

June 1st is a huge holiday here in China. It’s Children’s day!! I think it’s awesome because every year after a few sad days around Wesley’s birthday…the streets suddenly become flooded with children, balloons, and all kinds of different treats. It just forces me to smile hehe! When we first moved to China though, I… Read More

Late last night, I sent my friend a text. It read, “I am in tears right now. I really thought no one would care this year. Feeling insanely blessed…and just humbled at the outpouring of love.”   It’s true. When I wrote the “From the windowsill…” posts this week, I thought no one would probably… Read More

This boy… Is in heaven with Jesus…the one who died for me! This boy…                   Who was born with Spina Bifida and a clubbed foot…is not bound to a wheel chair but walking on streets of gold. This boy…     Who’s forehead bulged a little due… Read More

I heard my husband on the phone very early one morning. I heard him ask strange questions…like something out of the ordinary was going on. After a few minutes, he came into the bedroom to tell me that some friends of ours had lost their baby around 4 months gestation, and would have to deliver.… Read More