Every year, as May comes around with all it’s beautiful sunshine and flowers, it brings with it a lingering feeling in my heart that a tiny piece of it is missing. When my son’s first “birthday” came the details were all so clear! Although there were tears, I was able to celebrate as I could… Read More

The windowsill in my room is quite wide…wide enough in fact, to sit a chair on it. It sounds kind of odd, but we had a wicker chair that didn’t quite fit anywhere else in our house so we stuck it there. This week that chair kind of became…my escape. I haven’t wanted to leave… Read More

Well, it’s technically been spring since April. That’s when the temperatures started warming and the snow started melting away. But, for me, Spring isn’t here until it’s warm, the sun is shining, and the trees are blooming. And in Northeast China, that’s right around the first week of May! I had initially hoped it would… Read More

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank you for the great response to Part 1 of this series. It was so encouraging to read the messages and comments throughout the week. Thank you for sending them my way!   Hi. My name is Natasha, and I suffer from… Culture Shock.   That’s right I’m… Read More

You know what the funny thing about culture shock is? No one wants to admit that they are experiencing it. We (myself included) want to talk our way around it or make excuses for why we’re acting the way we are…anything but culture shock! I always like to ask people who are new to the… Read More

I mentioned earlier that we had some exciting things planned here. This past week we started working on some of those “things” 🙂 Last Sunday night, a group of 50 people came down from three churches in our previous city on a short  3 day “missions trip.” When the idea was originally brought up a… Read More

After a 4 month mini furlough to visit family, friends, our home church, and supporting churches in the States, our family is now back home in our new city located in North East China! We are so excited to be back and entering this new season of our life and ministry…Church planting!!! It seems surreal… Read More

I’ve mentioned several times now that our family now resides in a new city in the Northeast part of China, but I’ve never written about the move itself. So here’s a little bit about it! When our family left for China over 2 years ago, our plan was to move to the city where our… Read More

For those new to the blog, I wanted to post an article written by my sweet husband on his blog China Ramblings! about the loss of our second child. This article will be archived under Infant Loss for the precious people who would like to learn more about our story, infant loss, who need encouragement, or… Read More

So… As you can see from the title… With a fresh start…comes a fresh blog. I’ve came so far since my first post, but I didn’t want to just start completely over with a new blog from scratch. There are definitely a few articles here that I want to hold onto. So, this is what… Read More