Have  you ever reached a point in your life where maybe one day you woke up… or were taking a walk… or rocking a baby… or sitting in the middle of a crowd… and you realized that everything in your life had changed? And when you tried to think back to when this change actually… Read More

During this month, we packed up our family and moved to another major city in China! This is the 3rd major city our little one has lived in…in just 6 short months. What a life! 🙂   Baby An: 5 months- 6 months old Timeline and Milestones: July 8, 2012- 22 weeks old: We arrived… Read More

Our lives have been crazy since our littlest was born! I truly believe this has been one of the craziest years of my life…just so much going on! But our baby has done a great job at adjusting to all the changes that have came her way. So proud that she’s ours 🙂 An An:… Read More

This month was so much fun with our monkey! She has proven to be a busy little bee, always moving and trying to accomplish something new. Táng An: 3 months- 4 months old Timeline and Milestones: May 5, 2012- May 12,2012- 13-14 weeks old: A supporting church group arrived in our city for a visit,… Read More

Catching up on our months…   An An: 2 months- 3 months Timeline and Milestones: April 7, 2012- 9 weeks old : Sweet baby girl said goodbye to her Mimi and Papaw as they left our city here in China to return back to their home in the States. April 18, 2012- 10.5 weeks old:… Read More

So every year (or at least the last two 😉 ) I write a post about the beginning of the warm weather season here in our city. I write about it mostly due to the fact that the winter is so long that it’s just too awesome not to write about!! Last spring was really… Read More

I sat up in bed the other night with red, tear stained cheeks, unable to breathe… I sat up because I was mad. Mad not because he wasn’t there…mad not because I had only tucked two babies into bed that night… but mad because I had let this happen. This crying non sense. This…replaying what… Read More

  I follow a lot of blogs. The funny thing is…I’m not much of a reader. Ask my husband. It takes me forever to finish a book. But, when we received the diagnosis regarding our 2nd baby, I went home and for 24 hours I searched google and everything on the internet to find any… Read More

Traditionally in East Asian cultures and especially in China, a baby’s 100th day is a time of celebration! It was originally celebrated because of the high mortality rate among mother and new born babies. The families during that time thought making it to the 100th day was a huge milestone. Today, while the mortality rate… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s day to the wonderful women in my life! I wish you could see the tears I am crying just missing you all! Also… Happy Mother’s day to all the mommies out there who have given birth, adopted, or care for children who are not their own and read my blog!… Read More