The Mothers In My Life: The only down side to the day here…of course…Was not being able to share the day with the wonderful women the Lord has placed in my life. But the great thing about them is that I know they would have rather me be sitting in the special Mother’s Day service… Read More

Today is Mother’s Day both here in China and in the States, well…It’s the same day for about 12 hours that is 🙂 And I am feeling especially blessed to be sharing the day with my two beautiful princesses! I have been showered with flowers this weekend from a sweet friend and my girls both… Read More

Our little bit surprises us daily with how quick she is to reach her first milestones! It is like she knew from the very beginning that our household is a busy one and she is trying her best to keep up!! Xiǎo An: 1 Month- 2 Months Timeline and Milestones: March 4,2012: On her one… Read More

So the week before my parents arrived in China, my 6 weeks of “maternity leave” ended and the time came to re-start my language study. My first day back at class was pretty rough. It turns out, if you don’t use much Chinese over a 3 month period, you will forget some things! Who knew?… Read More

Last week my parents were able to visit us here in China. This was their second trip, so there was no pressure for us to do the usual tourist activities. We were able to, instead, just enjoy our week together doing the every day things. We took them to church and then to visit one… Read More

It’s true…time starts to move faster with each child you add to your family. Ok…maybe that’s just how I feel right now! I can’t believe our little princess is now a little over 1.5 months! Unbelievable 🙂 Because most of our friends and family are so far away, I plan to do a monthly update… Read More

Our little An is now over one month old! I can’t believe it! She is such a joy to have in our family! I won’t lie this first month ended up being what I thought it might be….HARD! haha It was a little tough getting back into the swing of things…having a baby around that… Read More

She’s here! Our little 8 lb. princess arrived on the 4th of February… a day after her due date and almost two years (Feb. 16) after we received our second baby, Wesley’s  diagnosis . On December 31st of last year, in a crazy rush, our family had to unexpectedly leave for the hospital in Beijing… Read More

Today was an absolute crazy day, and I mean that in a great way! Not everything went according to plan, but I am sure I will remember this Thanksgiving for many years to come for soo many different reasons :)! Right now…I am thankful beyond words! As our China family left this evening, I couldn’t… Read More

Last year, I had the privilege of fixing Thanksgiving dinner for my family for the very first time. In fact, up until that point, I had never even contributed a dish to our families’ Thanksgiving meals since we were visiting from out of state. For some reason when the holiday came around last year, I… Read More