Time is flying…. and I just can’t take it!   I’m always amazed when I go to check my blog and realize it’s been a few months since I’ve updated. How does this happen? Time gets away from me. I guess it might be the fact that language school, cleaning, cooking, and a busy busy… Read More

So here it is…The moment you’ve all been waiting for!   I’ve had messages galore from curious minds….   Are you ready?   Last week, we made our big trip to Beijing for our 20 week scan. This scan was especially important to us having the history that we have. While in Beijing, we were… Read More

So, what did I learn from my first experience at the hospital here? I didn’t learn anything about my baby obviously! And to say….”I am now so appreciative of the medical care in America” is just…well…not much to learn if you ask me. I think the best thing I took away from this experience was… Read More

The process:   To do anything at a hospital here in our city, you must first pay for a medical records booklet. No, they don’t keep medical records. You buy a book for the doctor to write in and that is your “medical record.” So before I could see the doctor, I had to first stand in… Read More

So this post is my first regarding “differences.” These posts will deal with the things I have had to get used to this year, how I’ve handled the process, and what I’ve learned through them. The first subject will be a series of three posts….my husband would be so proud! I’m also going to combine… Read More

Let’s just be honest…. What is a birthday without gifts? While writing about Wesley’s birthday a while back (it was a great day…wasn’t it?) I left out one …tiny…little detail about our special day. A special gift… And as I said before….really….what is a birthday without gifts?? lol We were SO surprised to receive such… Read More

So sorry for the lack of posts here this week… Saturday afternoon we tried out a “new to us” little restaurant near our school. The place wasn’t exactly the nicest…or let me say cleanest…that we’ve been too in a while, so on Sunday morning I woke up pretty sick. That’s not really unusual but… Here… Read More

The day I spent almost a year dreading finally came on Friday, and to my surprise it was an absolutely fantastic day. Actually, I shouldn’t say it was that big of a surprise. Wesley’s birth was the exact same way. I spent countless hours agonizing at just the thought of finally giving birth, and his… Read More

Some precious moments with my little boy..   Pregnancy pictures by. Kate Fies Photography Hospital photos by. Robyn Guy Photography  … Read More

I just want to start this post with “thank you” I was completely taken back this morning as I checked my email to find an overwhelming response to yesterday’s post. There were so many encouraging messages in my inbox whether from my blog, FB messages, or actual emails. I was so blessed by each and… Read More