My name is Natasha and I am incredibly blessed to be married to my amazing husband, Mark, and mother to three adorable little girls and one sweet boy in heaven. Five years ago, our family made a big move from Atlanta to North East China where the winters are long and the temperatures freezing! But we made it our home, and we absolutely love living here! We are, most importantly, Bible believing Christians who desire Christ to get maximum glory from our lives and have surrendered to serve him in full time ministry as church planting missionaries overseas.


The Blog:

I originally started this blog to serve as a way to communicate with family and friends about the pregnancy and loss of our second child who was diagnosed with body stalk anomaly at 21 weeks gestation and changed my life forever.

I found writing during that time to be too difficult, so there are very few articles, but I have written several articles dealing with grief over the last 2 years since his birth.

I have also written other posts sporadically. I have always loved to write and had the desire to make blogging a regular activity, but during the “dark” years of my grief prolonged with culture shock, language studies and the sort, I was not able to bring this to reality.

However, throughout the last few years my gracious Lord and Savior has worked in some amazing ways bringing me out of some of those “dark” valleys and into the “light” showing me little by little the plans he has for me and how he was using those times to mold and refine me.

Recently, our family welcomed the birth of our fourth baby and celebrated the establishment of our first church, Grace Baptist Church! We have spent the last 6 years or more training, preparing, raising funds, and learning another language to get to this point in our ministry, and it is beyond exciting! We’ve already seen God do amazing things, and we can’t wait to see what he has for our family and His church here in the future!

Which brings me back to blogging, I am just so excited about all that the Lord is doing right now…in our family, church, and ministry…I can’t help but want to share it with those that I love.

As a family:

Just a few discoveries that we’ve made about our desires as a family new and old are… that we want to live a God-centered life seeing Christ receive maximum glory from our lives, a purposeful life doing what God has called us to do , a simpler life focused more on family and less on materialism and possessions, a healthier life relying more on nutritious food than medicine, and a multi-cultural life raising our children to not only experience but love the culture here in the East as well as that of the West….

like I said…just a few..I’m sure we’ll discover more along the way!


Me in a nutshell:

My heart’s desire, as a wife and mother, is to grow deeper in my knowledge of our great and mighty Savior as I apply His truth to the role he has given me. I hold highly God’s design for women to be homemakers and I cherish this calling.

I am a passionate person. I have a tendency to dive “head first” into my interests (which are few ;) )

I also wear my heart on my sleeve. Too much so…I know!

I love teaching the Bible. I still cant believe that God would grant me the privilege of serving alongside such a man of God on the foreign field…and give me the opportunity to spend my life teaching others the Bible.

My husband and I are self proclaimed “foodies.” We are adventurous with our foods and always looking to try something new. One of my favorite things to do is cook for my husband. I love love love to cook and he always has the best reactions when a new dish comes out great!

I am currently learning how I can be more frugal, and nutritious in my cooking and lifestyle, and I am enjoying it more and more each day! Eating healthy and on a budget can be difficult to do sometimes, but I desire for our family to eat healthy foods to best equip our bodies for the Lord’s work, that we might be healthier and less dependent on traveling to major cities in China for healthcare. My husband and I love the healthier lifestyle that we have adapted to and have so much more energy to do the work we desire to do.

Homeschooling is fun for me. I enjoy teaching my girls and miss being my oldest daughter’s “full time” teacher now that she is attending a Chinese primary school. It is hard some days (especially when the little ones refuse to cooperate,) but it is so incredibly rewarding …being able to see their eyes light up when they understand something for the first time!

I have a heart to help and counsel those who have dealt with or are currently dealing with infant loss and point them to Jesus.

I enjoy photography…although I possess no “real” skills in it whatsoever!

I have cherished all four of my pregnancies…I love babies and finding the whole birthing process fascinating.

I’m pretty nerdy when it all comes down to it. My husband  and I love to learn. Our alone time usually consists of discussing a recently read biography or watch a good documentary together…. We’re old. I know. :)

My goal is to use this blog to inspire others to (1) share the gospel in their communities (2) develop strong relationships with family and others, (3) inspire their children to love the Lord and and serve Him with their lives, (4) enjoy the art of homemaking and (5) open their homes to minister to the lost and needy.

I want to encourage all who read (myself included) to ask ourselves in everything we do,  , from making our home to making decisions in our every day lives, what does this have to do with the goal of seeing Christ receive maximum glory from our lives?

I would love for you to join me as I try to share how God is molding and refining me more into His image. I hope you also find encouragement in reading for your journey as well!

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