Today is Mother’s Day, and I have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has blessed me beyond belief when it comes to my mothers!

My mom is amazing! She is truly one of the most patient, kind, hardworking and loving women I know. She is always there when I need someone to talk to (and most weeks it involves me calling during her work hours every other day.) She loves my babies like they were her own (maybe even a little more!!, ) and she is always supportive of every decision we make as a family. She is loved by so many for her outgoing personality and her love for everyone, and she works harder than most women I know, sometimes working two jobs to help provide for her family. Growing up, she taught me so much about being a good wife and mother just by her example, and I am truly thankful for that!

I remember once as a teenager, my mom looked over at me and said, “I hope as you get older and are married, that you and I will be close….good friends.” Being the ridiculous girl that I was, I thought…that will probably never happen

But I am so happy to say that as the years have gone on…I have truly counted my mother as not only a great mom, but a wonderful friend.

Thank you Mom for loving me unconditionally, for taking time out of your busy work schedule to fit 30 minute phone calls from across the seas,  and for supporting every decision I’ve made as a wife and mother. Thank you for teaching me how to love my family, and for being there in the greatest and hardest moments of my life so far. I love you more than any “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”  could say.

Over the last few years the Lord has placed two other women in my life who I consider to be my “adopted” mothers. They have been a blessing to me in more ways than I could count, and no Mother’s Day post would be complete without mentioning them.

My mother-in-law is a wonderful lady who raised three great young men (my man being the best of course ;) ) I admire her for raising the amazing man that I am blessed to call my husband and for teaching him to love the Lord and serve Him with his whole heart. She is such a strong lady, and she has taught me so many things over the last four years. I never imagined I would be so lucky as to have the mother-in-law that I have, and I am so thankful for her.

Brenda, I just want to thank you for loving me and always treating me like your own daughter! Your support and love for our family means the world to us! I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with more love than you can handle!

Mom #2: My Pastor’s Wife

I lovingly like to refer to my pastor’s wife as mom #2 because over the last few years that’s exactly what she’s been! She is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous women you will ever meet in your life. I know I am a better wife, mom, and most importantly a better Christian because of her influence on my life.

The truth is…I came to our church just a young girl with OH SO MUCH to learn, and as I look back over the last 5 years, and what has been my adult life (so-far,) many of my  most treasured memories include her.

One of my favorite memories occurred when I approached her after church one night questioning my salvation.  The Lord gave her the perfect words to say to me that night, and after pouring my heart out, I realized Christ was missing in my life. I am so thankful for my salvation, and I’m so glad that I was able to share my salvation experience with her.

Mrs. Betty….You will never be just a “pastor’s wife” to me. You are one of my moms. I’m not even sure how to thank you for the amount of time and energy you’ve invested in me. I see you in so many little things that I do….and I’m proud of that :)

I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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