This past Sunday was very special for two reasons.

First, a man, my husband and I had been praying for, followed the Lord in believer’s baptism! Praise God!

And second, our good friend and pastor, Levi (along with his wife Alice), was able to make the trip down and be our guest speaker for the morning and afternoon services! He shared two powerful messages with us which were a great help and blessing to the church.

It was a great start to our Christmas Week!


Before sharing Sunday’s pictures, I’d like to share a little about the man, Mr. Liu, who was baptized on Sunday.

A few months back, a young christian woman, Tracy, began attending our services, and after just a few Sundays, decided to join our church.  She had been saved in the three-self church several years ago and had faithfully read her Bible, but had never received any type of discipleship and admitted that there was still so much that she didn’t understand when it came to the “foundations” of our faith. I told her that there were several young ladies in the church in the same position, and that’s when we decided to start our Sunday Afternoon Foundations Bible Study— using the Foundations material my husband put together.

I had intended for it to be a ladies’ study only, but on the first Sunday afternoon, Tracy entered the room with a man, Mr. Liu.

I was a little confused at first, so I asked her about him. She explained that Mr. Liu was her boyfriend, but he was an unbeliever. She had explained to him that she didn’t want to date an unbeliever any longer….that she knew it wasn’t what God would wanted her to do. So she told him if he wanted to spend time with her, he could come to church with her on Sunday and stay for the foundations study. She believed the foundations study could help him understand the gospel.

I told her it was fine for him to stay the first Sunday, but that I would try to find a man in our church to study with him after that.

But he didn’t have a lot of spare time. So it seemed Sunday afternoons with Tracy, was the only time that would work for him.

He was interested though. Very interested.

Our first Foundations study around my dining room table

Our first Foundations study around my dining room table

He started attending the church services faithfully, and  my husband talked with him each Sunday after the morning services.

We both began praying for this man’s salvation.

And I encouraged Tracy not only to pray for him but to continue to share the gospel with him throughout the week.

After our fourth foundations study, I encouraged all the unbelieving ladies in the group (and Mr. Liu in the back) to return home and really think about this man “Jesus.” I begged them to consider trusting him with their lives.

The next Sunday, Tracy informed me that when Mr. Liu had returned home that week…they had continued to talk about the lesson and that he had decided to trust Jesus. He believed. And just a few days later, He showed up to the church to study the Bible with my husband and some of the other men in the church!

What an answer to prayer!!

My husband and I were overjoyed!


I am hopelessly flawed…so beyond imperfect…and so unworthy.

And part of me couldn’t believe that God would use our bible study…led by a really imperfect “me” ….which was really only intended to be for women, to have a small part (tiny really) in sharing the gospel with this man.

But our God still uses weak, flawed, imperfect people…

Because it’s not about us…it’s about our mighty, powerful, perfect God.

And His Son….His perfect Son…who came to earth and died for our sins.

I wanted to share this story to remind you that God can use you.

You don’t have to be perfect.

Be faithful to his Word, share the gospel, pray for the lost.

He can use you to reach the lost.



My Bible Club kiddos decorating Christmas trees

My Bible Club kiddos decorating Christmas trees


The have an awesome pastor!

The have an awesome pastor! Always willing to help the little ones with their crafts :)


Mr. Liu receiving baptism


Our guest speaker, Pastor Levi, preaching a wonderful Christmas sermon to the people of Grace.

Our guest speaker, Pastor Levi, sharing an excellent Christmas meassage.

We always have the BEST food to eat after morning service; thanks to our talented ladies!

We always have the BEST food to eat after morning service; thanks to our talented ladies!

Preaching the second service

Preaching the second service

Our beautiful girls

Our beautiful girls





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