So if you’re wondering why I’ve been silent over the last week or so, it’s because the hubby and I have been house hunting! Yay!

We looked at about 15 houses last week and got to know our area a whole lot better :)

The best part of this house hunting excursion??  This house we’ve been looking for…isn’t for us!

Wait? What?!

Yes, the house is for our TEAMMATES!!!

Another family is only a few weeks away from landing in China!

Woohoo! We are praising God for this answer to prayer!

And I’m so thankful that with the help of technology, we were able to spent the last week helping them find a beautiful home to live in for at least their first year on the field!

House hunting was extremely stressful for me when we first arrived in China. I wasn’t sure what was available or what I wanted, and it made everything super confusing.

But the process is so much easier now!

Instead of having to wait until they got here, our friends were able to look at houses online in advance to get an idea of what was available in our city. When it was time to find a house, they sent us the links to houses they were interested in, and then we worked with several local real estate companies to find similar houses as well.

A lot less stress involved for sure!


The House Hunting Team

The House Hunting Team: The hubby and I plus our friend, a former project china intern, who decided to return for a visit over the holiday


House hunting in China is always interesting though! You have so much to consider outside of the house when living in a massive city like ours.

You have to consider:

the area…is it close to your church? or school?

convenience… how far is public transportation? are their small stores and restaurants within walking distance?

the house itself…how big? how many bathrooms? Is there room for a washer and dryer? What about a bathtub? how much work needs to be done? almost any house you rent in China will need some type of work done

The apartment complex…. is it well taken care of? Does it have security? What about a playground for the kids? China doesn’t have many public parks.

And then there’s always price….always.

So with all of these things in mind, even with the help of technology, it’s still not super easy to find the perfect house. We looked at several houses over the past week that were just beautiful but unfortunately were located in the most inconvenient areas of town, and several that were nice and located in a convenient area, but the apartment complex was not well taken care of. And then, of course, there were several houses that were just not what our friends had in mind at all! Yikes!

But as we went along, we were able to update our teammates via wechat with pictures and information about each house and what we had found. We were able to help them eliminate the ones that wouldn’t work for them, and get their opinions about ones we thought they might like. Within just a weeks time (and with the Lord’s help,) we were able to find a beautiful house for their family to move into as soon as they land!


Taking a break to check out the playground

Taking a break to check out the playground


As you can imagine, being able to help our friends in this way has been nothing short of a huge blessing!

We are beyond excited! This is what we have been praying for….for families to make it to the field! For more feet on the ground in Mainland China.

We desperately want to see not only our city but this country reached with the gospel…and we know we can’t do it alone!

We are celebrating this answer to prayer!

And we are still praying…praying for more laborers.

Two families on the ground in the most populated country on earth is still not nearly enough. We have several families in the process of raising funds to join us…and we are  praying that they too, will be able to leave for the field soon.

But we still need more… we still need your help! Would you consider joining our team in reaching mainland China with the gospel?

What about short term? Would be be willing to give 6 weeks, 6 months, or even a year of your life to work with us and gain some experience on the field?

And if you can’t go…would you consider supporting someone who can? We have several families who need your support!

Visit for more details as to how you can get involved!

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