Another week has flown by! This week we’ve been busy working on some renovations at our friends’ home and also doing some much needed work to our own! Trying to kill two birds with one stone…I guess you could say :)… but it does make for a very busy schedule!

We’ve been in our current home for over 3 years now, and as with any home, things are starting to need some updating.

We’ve been working on some of the small tasks over the last year, but we felt like now was the time to get some of the bigger jobs done while we were already working on things for our teammates.

So this week, we started with our water. We contacted a water purification company to install a water filter system in our kitchen (and our teammates kitchen as well) so that we could wash our vegetables and cook safely.  We recently were advised by the Chinese not to use the tap water directly (even for cooking), so we decided this would be a wise investment to wash our vegetables, cook and drink from.

Water filtration systems can be really pricey here! So even though, we had been wanting to do this for some time, we were nervous about trying to find and buy the right one. Thanks to a friend, we were able to find a great company….who not only installs your system for an extremely reasonable price but also keeps track of it and calls you when it’s time to change your filters! So nice! And so worry free!

There was also a bit of work to be done at our teammates house this week, but thanks to the help of another friend in our church, we were able to hire a contractor to oversee almost all of it. He offered to take care of the work we needed done at a reasonable price and in an extremely short amount of time right before the holiday. Praise the Lord! He did a wonderful job! :) We are so thankful that everything went so smoothly with this!

Side note: Relationships are everything in China! It’s how to find/ accomplish pretty much anything in these big cities…knowing someone who knows someone who knows a company etc…and we are so thankful for all the friends and relationships that the Lord has given us here! 

And then of course, there was the work in our girls’ room! When we first moved to China, we had only one child, so as our family has grown, the girls have also outgrown their bedroom furniture! Their room has been needing a major update for some time! That meant a trip to Ikea to shop for a bunk bed and larger closet system…big enough for three girls instead of one!

It was a bittersweet moment for me…getting rid of the girls’ furniture and buying new. We had bought their furniture when our oldest was just a toddler, our only baby girl. And now, our big girl is picking out her clothes, doing her own hair, and missing all her front teeth…definitely long past the toddler stages :)

And there’s not one… but three little girls now running around our house.

I can’t believe how much has changed and how fast time has flown by!

Tomorrow afternoon, the girls’ furniture should be delivered and set up which we are all looking forward to. The girls’ especially, are beyond excited! We can’t wait to see the new room all put together!

It’s been a crazy week for sure, but it’s been so fun getting all this done!

We feel so blessed….thinking back to our first years on the field…getting little things done seemed so difficult then…and now just being able to speak the language, knowing where to buy things, and who to call for help with things had made life so much easier! We are so thankful for how far the Lord has brought us in the little things and for how much we’ve learned. We know we couldn’t have gotten this far witout your faithful prayers and our Heavenly Father’s help.

Working on our water

Working on our water


With so much going on it’s hard to get any writing done besides these updates…but things should calm down soon :)

With love,



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