Let’s just be honest….

What is a birthday without gifts?

While writing about Wesley’s birthday a while back (it was a great day…wasn’t it?) I left out one …tiny…little detail about our special day.

A special gift…

And as I said before….really….what is a birthday without gifts?? lol

We were SO surprised to receive such a sweet little gift.

So surprised…that’s it’s taken me a few weeks to get over it :)


It is truly….




too precious


Guessed it yet?


Well, if you haven’t….


I am so excited to announce that we are expecting a 3rd little “gift”to join our family in about 32 weeks!

I can’t get over how amazing my Lord is that he would allow us to learn of this precious little gift on the very same day that he took a previous little gift home to be with him.

He never ceases to amaze me.




Details to come sometime tomorrow…and more blogs too…especially some regarding differences. These last 2 weeks have given me some good examples to write about :)


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