Late last night, I sent my friend a text. It read, “I am in tears right now. I really thought no one would care this year. Feeling insanely blessed…and just humbled at the outpouring of love.”   It’s true. When I wrote the “From the windowsill…” posts this week, I thought no one would probably… Read More

This boy… Is in heaven with Jesus…the one who died for me! This boy…                   Who was born with Spina Bifida and a clubbed foot…is not bound to a wheel chair but walking on streets of gold. This boy…     Who’s forehead bulged a little due… Read More

Every year, as May comes around with all it’s beautiful sunshine and flowers, it brings with it a lingering feeling in my heart that a tiny piece of it is missing. When my son’s first “birthday” came the details were all so clear! Although there were tears, I was able to celebrate as I could… Read More

The windowsill in my room is quite wide…wide enough in fact, to sit a chair on it. It sounds kind of odd, but we had a wicker chair that didn’t quite fit anywhere else in our house so we stuck it there. This week that chair kind of became…my escape. I haven’t wanted to leave… Read More

Have  you ever reached a point in your life where maybe one day you woke up… or were taking a walk… or rocking a baby… or sitting in the middle of a crowd… and you realized that everything in your life had changed? And when you tried to think back to when this change actually… Read More

I sat up in bed the other night with red, tear stained cheeks, unable to breathe… I sat up because I was mad. Mad not because he wasn’t there…mad not because I had only tucked two babies into bed that night… but mad because I had let this happen. This crying non sense. This…replaying what… Read More

  I follow a lot of blogs. The funny thing is…I’m not much of a reader. Ask my husband. It takes me forever to finish a book. But, when we received the diagnosis regarding our 2nd baby, I went home and for 24 hours I searched google and everything on the internet to find any… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s day to the wonderful women in my life! I wish you could see the tears I am crying just missing you all! Also… Happy Mother’s day to all the mommies out there who have given birth, adopted, or care for children who are not their own and read my blog!… Read More

Our little An is now over one month old! I can’t believe it! She is such a joy to have in our family! I won’t lie this first month ended up being what I thought it might be….HARD! haha It was a little tough getting back into the swing of things…having a baby around that… Read More

The day I spent almost a year dreading finally came on Friday, and to my surprise it was an absolutely fantastic day. Actually, I shouldn’t say it was that big of a surprise. Wesley’s birth was the exact same way. I spent countless hours agonizing at just the thought of finally giving birth, and his… Read More