In the midst of our projects last week, I decided to take a little break for some “girl time” with my sweet friend, A. Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as its known by here, is fast approaching and many of our friends are preparing to head back to their hometowns to celebrate the… Read More

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been silent over the last week or so, it’s because the hubby and I have been house hunting! Yay! We looked at about 15 houses last week and got to know our area a whole lot better 🙂 The best part of this house hunting excursion??  This house we’ve… Read More

This weekend, we had the pleasure of having our friends from out of town visit us for the holidays! It was the first time we’ve been able to host them together in our home (since they were married just earlier this year,)and they were the sweetest guests! They played with the children, helped prepare for… Read More

Its hard to believe it’s been over two years since I last posted on my personal blog. I’m finding this season of life…with three young children and ministry…to be busier than I ever dreamed it could be! (That’s right…I’ve had another baby! And surprise! It’s a girl! haha) It is however, the best kind of… Read More

I heard my husband on the phone very early one morning. I heard him ask strange questions…like something out of the ordinary was going on. After a few minutes, he came into the bedroom to tell me that some friends of ours had lost their baby around 4 months gestation, and would have to deliver.… Read More

Have  you ever reached a point in your life where maybe one day you woke up… or were taking a walk… or rocking a baby… or sitting in the middle of a crowd… and you realized that everything in your life had changed? And when you tried to think back to when this change actually… Read More

Our little bit surprises us daily with how quick she is to reach her first milestones! It is like she knew from the very beginning that our household is a busy one and she is trying her best to keep up!! Xiǎo An: 1 Month- 2 Months Timeline and Milestones: March 4,2012: On her one… Read More