Late last night, I sent my friend a text. It read, “I am in tears right now. I really thought no one would care this year. Feeling insanely blessed…and just humbled at the outpouring of love.”   It’s true. When I wrote the “From the windowsill…” posts this week, I thought no one would probably… Read More

This boy… Is in heaven with Jesus…the one who died for me! This boy…                   Who was born with Spina Bifida and a clubbed foot…is not bound to a wheel chair but walking on streets of gold. This boy…     Who’s forehead bulged a little due… Read More

Every year, as May comes around with all it’s beautiful sunshine and flowers, it brings with it a lingering feeling in my heart that a tiny piece of it is missing. When my son’s first “birthday” came the details were all so clear! Although there were tears, I was able to celebrate as I could… Read More

I sat up in bed the other night with red, tear stained cheeks, unable to breathe… I sat up because I was mad. Mad not because he wasn’t there…mad not because I had only tucked two babies into bed that night… but mad because I had let this happen. This crying non sense. This…replaying what… Read More