So, what did I learn from my first experience at the hospital here? I didn’t learn anything about my baby obviously! And to say….”I am now so appreciative of the medical care in America” is just…well…not much to learn if you ask me. I think the best thing I took away from this experience was… Read More

The process:   To do anything at a hospital here in our city, you must first pay for a medical records booklet. No, they don’t keep medical records. You buy a book for the doctor to write in and that is your “medical record.” So before I could see the doctor, I had to first stand in… Read More

So this post is my first regarding “differences.” These posts will deal with the things I have had to get used to this year, how I’ve handled the process, and what I’ve learned through them. The first subject will be a series of three posts….my husband would be so proud! I’m also going to combine… Read More

So hopefully by now you’ve read my previous post on differences. Now, you tell me… ..that is if you’re interested… What are some of the things you would like to read about on this subject?? I have been working on the next several posts and a few close friends have given me some great ideas… Read More

I have a great friend who lives in Africa. In fact, she along with her family moved there just two months before we landed in China. I absolutely love chatting with her! She is the kind of person you call and end up chatting with for hours on end. What makes our relationship a little… Read More