So if you’re wondering why I’ve been silent over the last week or so, it’s because the hubby and I have been house hunting! Yay! We looked at about 15 houses last week and got to know our area a whole lot better ūüôā The best part of this house hunting excursion?? ¬†This house we’ve… Read More

This weekend, we had the pleasure of having our friends from out of town visit us for the holidays! It was the first time we’ve been able to host them together in our home (since they were married just earlier this year,)and they were the sweetest guests! They played with the children, helped prepare for… Read More

It’s ¬†Friday and while my friends and family members in America are already taking part in the Black Friday madness, I am sitting here snuggled up, warm on the couch reflecting on the wonderful day we had together, yesterday! I do believe it was my favorite Thanksgiving yet, as a family! And I don’t mean… Read More

It’s the day before Thanksgiving! And the cooking is in full¬†swing!   Today’s Prep: -Prepare a¬†second batch of breadcrumbs -Chop celery and onion for stuffing -Cut up carrots for maple glazed carrots. -Prepare a pot of chicken broth for stuffing -Bake a batch of Cloverleaf rolls -Make mini pumpkin pies -Wash and dry lettuce for… Read More

One of the things we enjoy doing as a homeschool group is… throwing our children holiday parties, like many of the schools¬†do¬†abroad. With our group being so diverse, we thought it would be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving by throwing an international party! It ended up being great! The activities included: The children dressing up as… Read More

One thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is the homeschool group our family is privileged to be a part of here in the city. If you’ve ever had the privilege of teaching your children at home, then you’ve probably discovered that while it has its¬†utterly beautiful, indescribably¬†rewarding moments…it can also have it’s frustrating, hold… Read More

Late last night, I sent my friend a text. It read, “I am in tears right now. I really thought no one would care this year. Feeling insanely blessed…and just humbled at the outpouring of love.”   It’s true. When I wrote the “From the windowsill…” posts this week, I thought no one would probably… Read More