It’s amazing how fast we go from celebrating Thanksgiving to celebrating Christmas! For some, it starts right after the Thanksgiving meal comes to an end. For others, it’s the first of December… For our family, it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving. But this year we decided to wait until after our Thanksgiving service at church… Read More

Last week, we received news that my husband’s grandfather passed away. I’m not going to lie; it was extremely difficult to hear. We knew Mark’s grandfather would more than likely pass away while we were on the field, but the news is always hard. Hearing it makes you want to hop on the first plane… Read More

This boy… Is in heaven with Jesus…the one who died for me! This boy…                   Who was born with Spina Bifida and a clubbed foot…is not bound to a wheel chair but walking on streets of gold. This boy…     Who’s forehead bulged a little due… Read More

  I follow a lot of blogs. The funny thing is…I’m not much of a reader. Ask my husband. It takes me forever to finish a book. But, when we received the diagnosis regarding our 2nd baby, I went home and for 24 hours I searched google and everything on the internet to find any… Read More

I just want to start this post with “thank you” I was completely taken back this morning as I checked my email to find an overwhelming response to yesterday’s post. There were so many encouraging messages in my inbox whether from my blog, FB messages, or actual emails. I was so blessed by each and… Read More